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Telegram users can now install the December update, which brings the app up to date on their device. Leading the way with this release are new privacy features that will give users more control over their data on the popular communication app.

For example, it is now possible to delete messages from a specific date instead of all messages. Furthermore, users can block contacts from forwarding to a group. Also in the update, Telegram is making it easier to connect devices.

As well as privacy-focused controls, the update adds some interesting new features. For example, you can now log into the app via a phone call. Also, anonymous posting in public groups is now available to all users.


In groups and channels, admins can control screenshots, media saving, and message forwarding.

Below is the full changelog for Telegram’s December 2021 update:

  • “Protected Content in Groups and Channels
  • Delete Messages by Date
  • Manage Connected Devices
  • Anonymous Posting in Public Groups
  • New Ways to Log In via Call
  • Responses to Join Requests
  • Global Chat Themes on Android
  • Text Recognition on iOS 13+
  • Format Text in Media Captions on iOS
  • Redesigned Contact Info on iOS”

Telegram on Windows

Telegram does not operate a native application on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 or Windows 11. However, there is a third-party solution that aims to replicate the service. Unigram is a popular Windows 10 application that taps into the popular Telegram communication platform.

Unigram initially became popular on Windows Phone. However, when Microsoft abandoned its mobile platform, the app was discontinued. However, it has remained on PC and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

Tip of the day: Due to the various problems that arise with microphones, it can often be necessary to perform a mic test. Microsoft’s OS doesn’t make it especially intuitive to listen to microphone playback or play the microphone through speakers. In our tutorial we show you how to hear yourself on mic with just a few clicks.