While OneDrive is a cloud storage platform, it is also the file sharing service that underpins Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft 365 services. As such, Microsoft throws features at OneDrive that allow users to get work done directly in the app. The latest such feature is and expansion to the ability to edit photos within the OneDrive app.

Microsoft says this is one of the most requested features it receives from user feedback. Users can now edit images in OneDrive, although currently the feature is limited to the web version. We guess it will come to the app versions of the services in the future.

“Today we’re excited to announce new photo editing features in in OneDrive on the web that will enable you to crop photos, adjust light and color, add creative filters, and mark up photos for editing, all in one place, so you can quickly add them to presentations, share them on social media, or use in meetings to enhance discussions about product development or marketing.”


It also seems the amount of editing users can do is relatively small. This is never going to be Photoshop, but Microsoft will likely add more features. There are currently three options available: Adjustment, Crop, and the new Filter.


None of these break from the norm. So, Crop allows you to crop images from some pre-selected aspect ratios. In this section you can rotate the photo.

Adjustment allows color and light modifications such as tint, contrast, brightness, and other options. It is worth noting both these features have been available in OneDrive since June. Lastly, Filter provides a collection of filters that you can apply to images.

Photo editing features to look forward to include tools for markup and annotating photos. Microsoft says both are coming to OneDrive on the web by late December.

Tip of the day: If you have an HP, Dell, or Lenovo touchscreen PC, you’ll probably want to enable or disable it at various times. Unfortunately, however, many Windows 10 touch screen laptops don’t make this easy.

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