Microsoft has software to cover most scenarios in both enterprise and personal use. Naturally, the company wants customer to use that software and often bundles it with Windows 11. For example, Office 365 integrations such as Microsoft Teams baked directly into the OS. Now, a coalition of Microsoft’s rivals has formed to seek regulatory action against these bundles

The group of 30 companies believes Microsoft is stifling competition by bundling its many solutions together. It is worth noting the coalition is not just targeting Microsoft but is pushing back against “Big Tech” in general.

In fact, Google and Amazon are also named by the group. However, Microsoft is the focus of the complaints. There are a lot of specific issues the coalition (for a level playing field) has with Microsoft’s practices on Windows 11, and you can see them on the official landing page here.


In the opening statement, the group points out how software bundles often prevent competitors from reaching customers:

“Microsoft is integrating [Office/Microsoft] 365 deeper and deeper in their service and software portfolio, including Windows. OneDrive is pushed wherever users deal with file storage and Teams is a default part of Windows 11. This makes it nearly impossible to compete with their SaaS services. In the wider context, you see that over the last years, Microsoft, Google and Amazon have grown their market share to 66% of the total European market, with local providers contracting from 26% to 16%. Behavior like this is at the core of this growth of the tech giants and has to be stopped.”


The coalition is calling on Microsoft to stop integrating its other services into Windows and create “open standards and interoperability”. That latter demand is not clear, but it is likely to mean better access to third-party solutions on Windows.

It is unclear how Microsoft will respond or whether regulators in the EU will investigate the coalitions concerns.

This is a classic issue where it is increasingly hard to define where a company has the right to promote its own services, and when does monopolization begin.

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