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Microsoft and Princeton Offer Support to DACA Preservation Proposal


is once again collaborating with Princeton University to support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative. Specifically, the tech giant and education center are supporting a proposal to strengthen the policy. The comment comes after both Microsoft and Princeton University fought and won a legal battle to preserve DACA.

A proposal from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security seeks to create a new federal law to ensure DACA is preserved. The program allows undocumented people who enter the United States as children to remain in the country and be protected by deportation when they are adults, while they can also work legally.

These are known as DREAMers immigrants and Microsoft has sought to uphold DACA to protect them. Created by Obama, DACA was in danger during the Trump presidency, which removed the program meaning DREAMers would need to leave the country when their work permit expired.

Microsoft and Princeton took legal action against the government to protect DACA. After recently winning that battle, the pair are now once again offering support to the strengthening of the program.


In a cover letter to the filing, Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber and Microsoft President and University Trustee said: “Princeton and Microsoft are proud to join together in support of the proposed rule because we know first-hand the importance of DACA and the invaluable contributions that DACA recipients have made to higher education, the economy, and our country. Indeed, DACA is so important to us that Princeton and Microsoft filed suit, along with a Princeton alumna who was then an enrolled student, to stop its attempted rescission in 2017. We and our co-litigants eventually prevailed in the Supreme Court. We applaud the Administration for its efforts to strengthen and fortify this important policy.”

“At Princeton, DACA recipients have been among our most accomplished and respected students. They conduct research, earn academic honors, serve in leadership roles on campus, and otherwise help enhance our learning environment. The benefits bestowed by DACA allow our students to participate in all aspects of the university experience, including study abroad, internships, and university-related travel,” the letter adds.

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