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5 Home Robots That Will Change Your Life


If you need help making dinner or cleaning, get a robot. We, along with Insider Games, have chosen five of the most interesting home helpers that will make your life easier.

Asus Zenbo: Robot Housewife

Asus Zenbo resembles the cleaning robot Wall-E from the Pixar cartoon of the same name. It's a mobile home robot that will provide you with friendly support, help around the house, and entertain the family when you need it. The robot can also control home appliances and lighting and care for the elderly. For example, it reminds you of doctor's appointments and the next medication appointment. If there is no time to read children a story, Zenbo will do it for you. It will also sing, dance, and play games with them. While you are at home, it learns and adapts to your behavior. When you're away, it becomes your home security system.

If there are any burglars in the house, the robot will immediately inform the owners and will switch to remote control mode. You will be able to inspect your home through its built-in camera. “For decades, people have been dreaming of such a companion. That's why we're committed to making robots available to everyone,” Asus Chairman, Johnny Shea, says.

Amazon Echo: A Voice Assistant For All Occasions

Echo is a multifunctional voice assistant. It became a hit in the U.S. and spawned competitors from , Yandex, and other major technology companies. Amazon Echo can play music and audiobooks, share the latest international and domestic news, and perform many other functions. In addition, among its features is controlling a smart home. Amazon's smart speaker can control everything from the lights to the washing machine. It also helps you cook dinner, selects wine to suit your mood, orders pizza, and plays popular games with the help of voice commands. For example, Skyrim or Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Echo will wake you up, call a cab, make restaurant reservations and remind you when to feed your dog. All the settings and additional “skills” of the voice assistant are set in a special application. The only disadvantage is that the smart device knows only three languages. These are English, German and Japanese. Some versions of the Echo also allow you to make video calls, view images from video cameras, control applications of streaming platforms and make purchases on Amazon. Yet, some Echo owners are concerned that the speaker could be used as a full-fledged spy device.

Varram Pet Fitness Robot: A Companion For Pets

Surely you're worried about your pet being bored and not moving much in your absence? Try Varram's Pet Fitness Robot. It is indispensable for all busy cat and dog owners. If you have a busy schedule and your pet is left alone for long periods of time, the device will take care of him/her. The companion robot moves around on any flooring, taking dogs and cats with it and getting them to move more. The Pet Fitness Robot is made of impact-resistant, non-toxic polycarbonate and silicone and is equipped with special infrared sensors that allow it to easily pass over obstacles and avoid getting stuck in tight spaces.

Experienced veterinarians and cynologists were involved in the development of the device. Therefore, even when the novelty factor disappears, the pet will not get bored with its “electronic friend.” First, to attract the pet's attention, the robot makes various sounds. Secondly, it treats the pet with its favorite treats, which are placed in a special container. As it moves, the Pet Fitness Robot will periodically toss them to the pet. Using Varram's app, you can remotely set the pet's play schedule and feeding schedule, as well as track its activity. By the way, the speed, sounds, and route of the fitness robot are also adjustable.

Aeolus Robotics: A New Family Member

The home assistant from Aeolus Robotics is not even a robot but a full-fledged family member. Robot helps with everything from ordering food to finding lost socks. In addition, the robot looks almost like a person and weighs like a 12-year-old child. The manufacturers claim that the capabilities of their development are still at the children's level. But the employees of the American startup believe the robot is more of an “adult.” Staying nearby, the machine learns every detail of family life, learns to perceive the environment, and adapts to your behavior. Based on this data, it constantly improves the quality of its service. For example, it puts things back where they belong every time.

The robot software is updated regularly. And the more you use it, the more confident it becomes. If you lose your keys, the robot will help you find them. All it has to do is “remember” where it last saw them. Need to do some rearranging? Aeolus Robotics will move furniture with ease. And it will wash the dishes, bring refreshments and call an ambulance if someone gets sick. You can control the device with voice and text commands. For example, with Amazon Echo. Yet, some people find its functionality intimidating.

Autonomous Tidying-Up Robot System: A Cleaning Robot

Last year, Preferred Networks Inc showed a robotic cleaning machine that uses deep learning capabilities. Unlike its factory-line analogs, it is able to respond to complex and dynamic situations that arise in the home. Thanks to a system of computer vision, it quickly and accurately identifies the type and location of objects, picks up and places scattered toys, pens, slippers, and other items. The robot has a folding arm for this purpose.

The fully autonomous machine understands spoken language and plans its actions, adhering to human recommendations. For example, it pre-selects an object and decides how best to lift and put it in the right place. In addition, the Autonomous Tidying-up Robot System remembers the layout of rooms and furniture arrangement. The maximum speed of the robot is 800 m/h. As conceived by the authors, it should be a good personal assistant for the elderly and disabled. Mass sales are scheduled to begin in 2023. The residents of will be the first to be able to try it.

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