Microsoft Teams Rooms is getting a new feature that will first be available on Windows 11 and Windows 10. With the new features, users within a room will be able to switch between multiple camera feeds.

These feeds will be available via the console on Teams rooms. When a room has more than one available video camera, users can toggle between them by choosing which camera to view from a list.

Microsoft Teams Rooms allows users to add multiple webcams. Users can switch between cameras on the rooms console through the universal bar. Simply tap the camera icon and switch a camera between on and off.


Tapping the chevron menu offers options for camera selection and also provides live preview. Administrators with the ability to make changes to devices can choose which web camera is the default feed. This happens through the Teams Admin Center.

Users who are not using multiple cameras will see no difference in the Microsoft Teams Rooms interface.

According to Microsoft, the update is ready to go but will not start rolling out until Mid-December.

More Emojis

Earlier this month, Microsoft brought more emojis to the Teams app across platforms.

Following the update, users will be able to access more reactions by selecting from over 800 emojis in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft explains this will provide more ways for users to quickly express themselves on the platform.

Microsoft will not bring the update to standard users until January 2022, using a staged rollout that will be completed by March.

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