Yesterday, we wrote about Windows 11 Build 22000.348 (KB5007262) and how it brings an important fix for app crashes on the platform. However, the latest preview build adds much more than just fixes, with some other noteworthy bug fixes.

However, Microsoft is also adding updates for Windows emoji. Specifically, the company is updating all emojis, moving them from the Segoe UI to Fluent 2D.

This kills off the prospect of 3D emojis on Windows 11 – something Microsoft has been promising – at least for the time being. It seems Microsoft has decided to go with 2D alternatives. They are based on the company’s own Fluent Design aesthetic.


Also in Windows 11 Build 22000.348, Microsoft is adding support for Emoji 13.1, which updates the emoji dictionary. The update also allows users to search Emoji 13.1 in supported languages and updates the more panel to use emojis in apps.

App Crashing Fix

As we reported yesterday, this preview build also solves an issue where Windows 11 was crashing apps. Microsoft confirmed the issues during its November 2021 Patch Tuesday even earlier this month.

According to the company, the issue comes from problems with the Microsoft Installer (MSI). Specifically, apps affected include cybersecurity solutions. Users who have this problem will see apps that do not open and others that crash.


  • “Updates an issue that causes Internet Explorer to stop working when you copy and paste text while using the Input Method Editor (IME).
  • Updates an issue that displays the incorrect background for the iFLY Simplified Chinese IME icon in the notification area.
  • Updates an issue that prevents the display of File Explorer and desktop shortcut menus. This issue often occurs when you choose to use a single click to open an item.
  • Improves the animation performance of icons on the taskbar.
  • Updates volume control issues that affect Bluetooth audio devices.
  • Updates an issue that causes File Explorer to stop working after you close a File Explorer window.
  • Updates an issue that displays incorrect closed-caption shadows for some videos.
  • Updates an issue that automatically removes the Serbian (Latin) Windows display language from a device.
  • Updates an issue that causes flickering when you hover over icons on the taskbar; this issue occurs if you’ve applied a high contrast theme.
  • Updates an issue that, under certain conditions, prevents the keyboard focus rectangle from being visible when you use Task View, Alt-Tab, or Snap Assist.
  • Updates an issue that might cause Windows Mixed Reality to start when you put on a headset. This issue occurs even when you’ve turned off the option “Start Mixed Reality Portal when my headset’s presence sensor detects that I’m wearing it”.
  • Updates an issue that might cause your device to report that it doesn’t detect a printer after you plug it in.
  • Updates an issue that might cause a temporary loss of audio on your device.
  • Updates an issue that that causes some variable fonts to display incorrectly.
  • Updates an issue that displays letters or characters at the wrong angle when you use the Meiryo UI font and other vertical fonts. These fonts are frequently used in Japan, China, or other countries in Asia.
  • Updates an issue that causes certain apps to stop responding to input. This issue occurs on devices that have a touchpad.
  • Adds an option for you to choose whether to automatically turn on Focus Assist for the first hour after a Windows feature update.

Updates an audio distortion issue that affects Xbox One and Xbox Series Audio peripherals and occurs when you use them with spatial audio.”

Tip of the day: Did you know that a virtual drive on Windows can help you with disk management for various reasons? A virtual drive is just simulated by the platform as a separate drive while the holding file might be stored anywhere on your system .

The data in the drive is available in files or folders, which are represented by software in the operating system as a drive. In our tutorial we show you different ways how to setup and use such virtual drives.