Last week, we reported on two major problems affecting Windows 11. The first was causing Blue Screen of Death (Black on the new OS for now) and another was causing apps to crash. Microsoft confirmed the issues during its November 2021 Patch Tuesday even earlier this month.

According to the company, the issue comes from problems with the Microsoft Installer (MSI). Specifically, apps affected include cybersecurity solutions. Users who have this problem will see apps that do not open and others that crash.

It seems this only happens when the user updates that app or tries to repair the issue via the Troubleshooter or Windows Settings. Microsoft has been working on a fix and told users to uninstall and reinstall affected apps.


Now that fix is available, although it is currently landing on the Beta and Release Preview Channels on the Insider Program. The fix is bundled in with the Windows 11 Build 22000.348 preview update and labelled as KB5007262.

“We fixed a known issue that might prevent apps, such as Kaspersky apps, from opening after you attempt to repair or update the apps using the Microsoft Installer (MSI).”

Optional Update

Microsoft is also planning a new Windows 11 update for this week. This will not be a feature release but more an optional update that will carry fixes for several known issues.

When that update lands, we will bring you all the information about which fixes are available. None of them will be essential or automatically available. Instead, users must manually install the updates when they drop.

You may remember Microsoft this year made changes to how it delivers optional updates. You can read about those changes here.

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