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SwifDoo PDF Review: Create, Edit, Merge, Convert, Sign, and Compress PDFs with Ease


As digital documents and eBooks become standard, you are likely going to need a tool like SwifDoo PDF to manage your PDF files.

If you need a free PDF tool that does not compromise on efficiency or functionality, SwifDoo is an interesting option. It allows users to edit, create, merge, convert, sign, and compress PDF documents, as well as simply read them. SwifDoo also provides blog guides about PDF editing, such as how to rotate a PDF in or ways to save PDFs as Word documents.

Do what you need to do conveniently without worrying about complicated processes and confusing UI. In the following , we will take an in-depth look at SwifDoo PDF and see how this software stacks up to the competition.

Before getting into the details of SwifDoo, we will start by taking a look at the different price plans and features that are available for each.

SwifDoo PDF: Pricing and Features

SwifDoo bills itself as a free online PDF suite, but the reality is that is not quite accurate. What you are really getting is a free trial and not complete access to SwifDoo PDF without cost. Admittedly, you get one of the best free trials around, with all features unlocked for 30 days. There is also no commitment to purchase a paid plan once the trial ends.


If you want the benefits of SwifDoo over a longer term, you will need to pay for one of the available plans for Windows (including Windows 11) and macOS. There is no need to worry about comparing features because SwifDoo offers the same tools and the only difference across annual and monthly subscriptions. The only notable exception is the number of end devices.

That means you can merge, convert, edit, compress, create, annotate, sign, and secure PDFs across all price plans. You can choose to purchase SwifDoo monthly for $20. Alternatively, the annual subscription costs $69 per year.





All PDF features




End devices




Unlimited device switches




Tech support




Limited files size





Installation and User Experience

Getting up and running on SwifDoo PDF takes just a few minutes and you are quickly taken to the main hub of the app. Here you can choose what you want to do with a PDF file, with a full suite of options available. It is worth noting you will need to register with SwifDoo to get all the benefits, even if you are on trial.

All options for managing PDFs are available on the main page of the app, where you can choose to edit, convert PDF to Word, convert PDF to image, merge files, split PDFs, and compress PDFs. Below the main tools you can see recent files, while to the left is the option to create your own PDF from scratch.

Editing PDFs

Selecting “Open” or “Edit PDF” allows you to select a PDF from your system to edit. Here you can find editing tools such as image insert, text insert, add links, crop the document, use a white-out tool, and more options. In the main open PDF window, it is also possible to switch between tasks at the top of the page.


Editing also include page setup, such as splitting pages, extracting elements, replacing items, and more. Under the “Advanced” tab, you can sign the PDF, compress it, add a watermark, encrypt it, and convert it ready for scanning.

PDF Conversion

The conversion tool on SwifDoo PDF is extensive, covering plenty of different formats to convert a PDF to. You can also go the other way and convert other file formats to PDF. To see the full list of available formats, select the “Convert” menu and click on one format (such as Word). A new window opens preparing your conversion while also showing all available formats.


Files you want to convert are shown in the main context window. Clicking “Start” begins the conversion process. How long it takes varies depending on the size of the file and the format you are converting to.

Once the conversion is finished, the document will open automatically in the format you selected.


PDF is a file format that is increasingly the standard for sharing documents in the digital realm. Whether you are an enterprise or individual, there is a good chance you will handle PDF files on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be frustrating receiving a PDF and not having a tool to manage the document.

That is where SwifDoo PDF comes in. After spending time with the app, I found it to be a highly functional PDF editor and management suite. Here you can convert, merge, edit, create, and do much more with your PDF documents. Moreover, SwifDoo is incredibly easy to use with hardly any learning curve, while the free version is one of the best around.

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 11:40 am CEST

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