Microsoft has removed a handy app that would allow Windows 11 users to install Android apps.

Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Android is in preview, allowing Windows 11 Insiders to test Android applications on the platform. This comes from an integration with the Amazon AppStore, meaning Windows has Android app support for the first time. However, in the current preview oly around 50 apps are available.

While that number will grow to include most the Amazon App Store, users are understandably impatient. While Microsoft is working with Amazon, the Windows Subsystem for Android basically supports any Android app as long as it is not an official Google service. That means would be possible to sideload apps to Windows 11.


Italian developer Simone Franco created an APK installer called WSATools and the Microsoft Store. It essentially allows users to sideload APKs of Android apps to Windows 11. It is just a basic installer that many Android users will be familiar with.

Taken Down

However, Microsoft wasted no time in removing the application. Franco confirmed the removal and the Microsoft Store listing is now inactive. He says this was Microsoft’s decision and he can do nothing about it. However, Franco says the company did not explain which rule his app broke.

Maybe the company wants to maintain exclusivity with Amazon. This will mean Microsoft will clamp down on side-installers even when the Windows Subsystem for Android is widely available. Or, perhaps the company wants to control which apps are available during the preview phase. Either way, WSATools is no longer available.

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