Back in March, Microsoft launched its Power Fx programming language as part of the Power Platform. Later, the company integrated OpenAI’s GPT-3 API into the Power Fx tool. Despite being open source, the low-code programming language has only had its documentation available. Microsoft is changing that this week by open sourcing the source code.

Specifically, the Power Fx source code is now available in a GitHub repository. Microsoft is listing the project under an MIT license and is asking for contributions. However, developers must agree to the Microsoft Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before participating.

If you are not familiar with Power Fx, it is a programming language that is based on Microsoft Excel formulas. While it is not as flexible as popular languages like JavaScript, it is easier to learn and use.


In May, Microsoft brought more power to the language by adding support for GPT-3.


Microsoft has an exclusive deal with OpenAI to use the GPT-3 AI model following a $1 billion investment. The exclusive licensing of GPT-3 drew criticism, most notably from Tesla CEO and OpenAI co-founder Elon Musk.

Although, Microsoft argues the GPT-3 API is still open source and available to anyone who wants it. Implementing GPT-3 into Power Fx was the first time Microsoft had used the model. It provides developers on the PowerApps platform to convert natural language into functional code.

This means it is even easier to create AI services without needing a deep knowledge of code. When developers encounter database queries that are low code, they can now write out the query in natural langaue. OpenAI’s GPT-3 then works to transcribe the natural language to functional code.

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