Featured - How to check device driver versions on Windows 10

Device drivers are a vital part of your operating system. They deliver instructions to your computer’s hardware – whether it’s the graphics card, your printer, or your Wi-Fi chipset. Knowing how to check a driver version in Windows 10, therefore, can save you a lot of issues down the line.

Are my drivers up to date?


Being able to check driver version allows you to trawl for any bugs associated with it. Specific versions may have known issues that are in the process of being fixed. Identifying this saves you a lot of troubleshooting time and allows you to roll back or update if required.

We’ll be showing you how to check driver version in Windows 10 using two methods today – the Device Manager tool and PowerShell. Which you use is entirely up to you. Let’s start, though, with Device Manager:

How to Check Driver Version in Windows 10 with Device Manager

If you’re wondering how to check if your drivers are up to date in the fastest way, the answer is Device Manager. Microsoft’s driver tool allows you to quickly check the driver version for various devices in a few clicks. You can then reference the version with the latest version on your driver manufacturer’s website. Here’s how:

  1. Open Device Manager

    Press Start and then type “Device Manager”. Click the top result.

    Windows 10 - Open Device Manager

  2. Right-click your device and select “Properties”

    Windows 10 - Device Manager - Device - Properties

  3. Check the “Driver Version” field

    Windows 10 - Device Manager - Device - Properties - Driver - Driver Version

How to Check Drivers in Windows 10 with PowerShell

If you’re wondering how to check drivers on Windows 10 without a GUI, the answer is PowerShell. With a single command, you can return the version of every device driver in a nice, readable list. Here’s how:

  1. Open PowerShell as an admin

    Press Ctrl + X and select “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” from the list.

    Windows 10 - Open Elevated PowerShell

  2. Run the driver check command

    Copy the following command, then paste it into your PowerShell by pressing right-click:

    Get-WmiObject Win32_PnPSignedDriver| select DeviceName, Manufacturer, DriverVersion

    To run the command and get your list, just press Enter.

    Windows 10 - Elevated PowerShell - Enter the Command - Check the Drivers

How to Backup Drivers and Disable Automatic Driver Installation

Now that you know how to check driver version in Windows 10, you may be wanting to make some changes to them. However, it may be a good idea to follow our guide on how to backup drivers first. That way, you can always roll back if you run into an issue. If you’re trying to change a driver but it keeps reinstalling itself, you can disable automatic driver installation instead.