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How to Tackle an Outage While Working from Home


This article was contributed by Winnie Miles – a creative maverick who works as a Content Marketing Specialist.

When working from home, certain elements take more gravity than usual – one of which is an internet or power outage. Regardless of whether it is a result of severe climate change, any personal error, system upgrade, or downright misfortune, it is highly inopportune and can easily put a dent in your wallet.

While both internet and power outages can happen at the same time, being prepared is the key. It is fundamental to have a strategy to assist you with working through your circumstance and limit possible issues.

So, for all the future references, here is how you tackle an outage like a pro:


1. Talk to your boss about the situation

Communication and the right level of comprehension are crucial when you work from home. Especially when you encounter a power outage during your workday, it becomes even more important. Keeping in contact is principal particularly if your work impacts others or you have definite cutoff times. Contact your line manager and explain your situation in detail. This way, your line manager and colleagues would know how frequently they can hear from you and briefly allot your assignments to others to keep away from any deferrals.

2. Keep yourself aware of all the latest updates about the outage

You would want to keep yourself updated about the happenings around the power or internet outage in order to diffuse the situation as soon as possible. The first step is to call the power station and gather as much data as could be expected concerning the outage. Watch out for the most recent news and updates on sources and news outlets.

Ask them if the outage is an isolated episode or widespread and find out how long will it last and when will it get better. Thusly, you can set up a technique on when and how you can manage your job regardless of the issue. You can likewise provide a definite report about your circumstance to your boss so everybody can make some important changes.

3. Get a backup connection

Working from home is entirely dependent on you being connected with your peers, clients, and managers. In this regard, you should always have a backup internet connection like pocket WIFI, wireless USB sticks, or prepaid mobile broadbands.

You might also need these options to contact your line manager to discuss the outage and possible solutions. Another very valid solution is to connect with an internet provider that offers free nationwide access to wireless hotspots so you can use the internet from anywhere. If you subscribe to Spectrum or Cox internet packages, you can go about this very convenient solution.

4. Register in a co-working space

In the event that you discovered that the outage would just go on for a couple of hours to a day, you can work from co-working spaces like bistros and eateries that provide access to free Wi-Fi. Simply make sure to be a decent and courteous customer.

Moreover, many co-working spaces offer complete facilities of an office at a nominal charge and so you might want to go for that option too.

Obviously, if the power or internet outage is far-reaching in your space, the close-by spaces could likewise be shut or have no internet connection. Particularly, if the interferences last a couple of days, it very well may be better to work from the home of a friend or a family member with a great internet connection.

5. Save the batteries of your devices

This might come off as news to you, but you do not have the luxury to browse travel photos or cute dog images when experiencing a power outage. You need to be as wise with regards to your utilization of devices like PC and cellphones as possible so you can save their batteries. You might need to zero in on finishing your tasks prior to doing any other thing.

6. Charge your gadgets in your automobile

If there should arise an occurrence of an impromptu power outage and you have not completely charged your devices, you can utilize your automobile as a charger. For this situation, you should already have a vehicle adapter ahead of time, particularly if your vehicle does not have an outlet.

7. Be proactive

Once in a while, you might hear news about your area expecting power or internet outage in the coming days, and that is the time to get proactive. Make sure to research and have a solid backup plan so that nothing disrupts your workflow.

The first step of your proactive routine is to always be prepared. You can include the following tasks in the routine too:

  • Install app extensions or sync them before you get disengaged. Applications like Evernote, Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar come with offline extensions that permit you to get to your records and messages even without an internet connection.
  • Keep important documents downloaded or printed so you can have offline access to them. Along these lines, you can have your reports or other confidential data close by and proceed with anything you need to peruse or survey even while you are disconnected.
  • Make a rundown of the closest co-working or business spaces that offer stable Wi-Fi service. One thing to remember is that not all café and restaurants have a co-working environment and so make a list of public places that are quieter and business-friendly. Additionally, make certain to remain safe while getting to public Wi-Fi networks by using a solid VPN service.
  • Make sure to purchase some extra power banks and batteries; keep them completely charged too. A solid power bank for your PC is a wise choice particularly on the off chance that you depend vigorously on yours to tackle your job. You can likewise get a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or even a generator, contingent upon the quality of your standard power source or then again if power outages are regular in your space.

The Last Word

While power outages are unfortunate and rare, they are also inevitable. Now that we have established that we cannot escape them, the next best thing is to keep ourselves prepared. As a remote worker, make sure to follow all the tips discussed in this post so that a power or internet outage does not impact your work severely.

Best of luck!

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Winnie Miles is a creative maverick who works as a Content Marketing Specialist. She designs strategies for brands and companies to develop a top-of-the-line online presence.
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