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Windows 11 Does Have a Memory Leak, Reports Suggest


It is not easy rolling out a major platform to hundreds of millions of users. That is exactly what is doing with and issues are inevitable. One such problem is that Windows 11 seems to have a memory leak problem.

Since the launch of the platform on October 5, some users are reporting issues with memory leak. It is worth noting that this problem was known about during testing of Windows 11 on the Insider Program. It seems Microsoft either ignored it or failed to fix in time.

Either way, the problem does not seem to be widespread. PCGamer reports there is a small section of users who are experiencing memory leak. On Reddit, users are gathering to report the same issue.


One question that is common is how worrying is such a memory leak. Well, one of the issues is you may only know about the leak by carrying out some specific tests. Of course, losing performance on your machine is a telltale sign too, but that may not be as noticeable for some users.


Long term, memory leaks can be problematic for some users. For example, those who never power down their PC and just leave it in sleep. Essentially, the device will be constantly leaking memory and will eventually run out of RAM and not start. Even so, that is an extreme outcome and at the moment this is not a massively worrying bug.

Still, it would be nice if Microsoft would confirm this issue and offer a timeline for a fix.

Tip of the day: By default, the most used apps group in your start menu shows the six most frequently used apps. However, you can customize your Windows 10 Start Menu to exclude certain apps from the list or get rid of the most used apps section entirely.

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 3:31 pm CET

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