During the summer, Microsoft announced and then launched Windows 365, the company’s Cloud PC platform. With Microsoft now officially rolling out Windows 11 to the masses, the company has announced Windows 365 Enterprise is now running Cloud PCs with Windows 11.

As Organizations increasingly switch to solutions that allow for collaboration and remote access, while also needing to maintain security in a difficult cybersecurity environment. As for employees, they need tools that they are familiar with, are usable, and work across their devices.

Microsoft says Windows 365 Cloud PC meets these demands. It will function on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 and brings Windows to Microsoft Cloud. It brings a secure version of Windows complete with apps, settings, and data, to corporate and personal devices.


In other words, this is Windows on the cloud that can be accessed on any device. Microsoft will leverage Microsoft Azure (Virtual Desktop) to handle the resources. In a way, it is the concept of Project xCloud on Xbox, but instead of gaming, Microsoft will bring Windows streaming to devices.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of upgrading Windows 365 to Windows 11 is the added security features that come with Microsoft’s new platform. However, available applications are the same as the Windows 10 version of the cloud PC. Microsoft explains how organizations can upgrade their package to Windows 11:

“If you want to support in-place upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11, Cloud PCs need to be turned on the day of October 5th or after. For those organizations that need to re-provision their Cloud PCs, because we leverage OneDrive Known Folder Move as one of the standard services, the process will be seamless. Your end users’ personal data is automatically backed-up and will be restored after the re-provisioning process. Simply ensure that they are assigned a OneDrive license.”

Microsoft has made Windows 365 available across several pricing tiers starting at $24 per user per month up to $162 per user per month.

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