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Microsoft OneDrive for SharePoint Gets New Move/Copy System

Users of OneDrive for SharePoint will soon get a simpler UI experience for moving and copying files, thanks to a new dialogue method.


is updating its OneDrive for SharePoint experience with a refresh for the Copy/Move tools on the app. These changes will be coming to users soon. However, it is worth noting this is a minor update focused on behaviour rather than functionality.

Specifically, the update simplifies the task of moving and copying folders and files on OneDrive for SharePoint. Microsoft is using a new dialogue method where users can more easily select where their content is going.

In terms of what functions are available, everything is the same. So, all the admin controls, errors, and restrictions are as they were before.

Microsoft says the new system is coming to Targeted release on OneDrive for SharePoint during this month. It should be ready for a Standard release to all users by the middle of November.

PWA for Browsers

Last month, Microsoft started bringing OneDrive to browsers as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Available on Chrome and Microsoft Edge, the PWA allows users to install a web version app of OneDrive.

However, the PWA seems to behave differently from others. While a normal progressive web app runs offline, OneDrive does not. Instead, it seems Microsoft has simply built the web portal into the app.

Microsoft has already made its Outlook email web app available as a PWA on Chrome and Edge, and is now expanding to Microsoft OneDrive. Last year, Microsoft made PWAs seem like a more seamless integration on Windows 10 by enabling them to run on start through Microsoft Edge on Windows and Mac.

Tip of the day: File History is a Windows 10 back up feature that saves each version of files in the Documents, Pictures, Videos, Desktop, and Offline OneDrive folders. Though its name implies a primary focus on version control, you can actually use it as a fully-fledged backup tool for your important documents.

Last Updated on February 16, 2022 3:51 pm CET

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