As Microsoft draw nearer to the October 5 launch of Windows 11, the company is starting to release its new native apps for the platform. We have already seen the new Photos experience, while the Media Player has leaked. Microsoft is also showcasing and releasing the new Microsoft Paint app to Windows Insiders.

Specifically, the new Microsoft Paint experience is reaching Insiders on the Dev channel for testing. Until now, Microsoft has only teased the new app, with product chief Panos Panay hinting at the app on Twitter.

MS Paint has a simpler design with less emphasis on the now aging Ribbon concept. The header is instead based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design. Users still get the familiar “File,” “Edit,” and other options. The header is also where you will find the icons for common Paint tasks.


According to Microsoft, the biggest change coming to Paint is the toolbar. The company says it is more efficient “with updated icon designs, a rounded color palette, and a new set of drop-down menus for tools such as brushes, stroke size, and flip/rotate controls”.

Coming Soon

Looking ahead, Microsoft says Paint will get new updates including updated dialogs, centered canvas, and a dark theme. You may remember we reported on the likelihood of a dark version of Paint considering Windows 11 does have a dark theme.

As I have written before, I am happy Microsoft is not messing around too much with the look and feel of Paint. This is not an ill-fated complete remaining of the experience like Paint 3D was. Instead, Microsoft is making subtle tweaks so Paint looks more at home on Windows 11.

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