A week ago, Microsoft announced its Surface Duo 2 smartphone, a sequel to last year’s original model. Like that first device, the sequel is running the Android platform and has two separate screens. That means Android developers need to tweak their apps if they want them to take advantage of the unique features of a dual-display.

To help them, Microsoft is releasing an emulator for the Surface Duo2 . Available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, the tool helps developers build or update apps to work seamlessly on the smartphone.

On their PC, they can simulate the Surface Duo 2 double displays and test their apps. It is also worth noting regular users are also free to use the emulator just for fun ahead of the Duo 2 launch. However, you will need knowledge of Visual Studio and Android Studio to use it.


According to Microsoft’s support page, the emulator recreates the following aspects of the smartphone:

  • Running Android 11.
  • Simulates the hinge with a 3D modes view.
  • Supports Jetpack Window Manager APIs for adaptive UI layouts.
  • When used on a touch-screen host device like Microsoft Surface PCs, supports multi-touch and pen sensitivity.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Works with Android Studio, Visual Studio, VSCode, and other IDEs used for Android app development.

Coming Soon

Last week we did a deep dive on the Surface Duo 2 and how on paper it is a significant improvement of the first model. It is worth checking out that break-down of the device to see how Microsoft has improved performance, the design, usability, and the camera.

The Surface Dup 2 also gets 5G support and will launch on October 21 in the United States for $1,499. As for the emulator, you can install it here.

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