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Microsoft Relaunches PC Health Check Windows 11 Compatibility Tool

PC Health Check allows Windows 10 users to see if their device is compatible for an upgrade to Windows 11 ahead of launch.


We are just two weeks out from the October 5 launch of . Since its launch, much has been made of the new features and design overhaul, but the big news around Windows 11 has been compatibility. Specifically, how is taking a hard stance on cutting out some incompatible hardware.

With plenty of confusion still around this subject, Microsoft's PC Health Check tool is making a comeback. This is a useful feature that allows users to see if their PC meets the hardware requirements for Windows 11.

Over recent months, Microsoft has been previewing PC Health Check on the Inside. It is now live for all users ahead of the full launch of Windows 11.

This is a new version of the tool that highlights all the areas a device may not be compatible with the new platform. For devices that do not meet compatibility requirements, users must remain on . Microsoft will continue to support the soon to be legacy platform until 2025.

You can download the PC Health Check tool from Microsoft's official link here.


I did just that and run the laptop I am writing this article on through the tool. My laptop is not compatible because of the processor. It's ok, don't worry about me as this is a secondary older machine I use and I will be making the jump to Windows 11 with another laptop.


However, my results do show that there will be millions of people unable to upgrade to Windows 11. My laptop is four years old, hardly ancient. Many will be in a similar situation where one aspect of their device is not compatible with Windows 11.

While much has been made of Microsoft demanding TPM 2.0 for security, my results show there are other areas where it is possible to get shut out from a Windows 11 upgrade. Microsoft has also taken a clear and tough stance. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not get Windows 11.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:19 pm CET

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