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Little-Known but Useful Microsoft Office Features

Knowing special Microsoft Office features will greatly help you be more efficient and productive with your paperwork. Here are the useful features you should know.


How many of us put ‘Office Word expert' on a resume? Surely, the number of people doing so is sky high, especially among young people and students who don't have much to write on their CV yet. However, it's fair to say that most of these people are lying. Not that they are aware of it, though. All students need to use Office for their studies almost every day. Of course, they want to believe they have become experts in this program. However, the thing is, there is much more to Microsoft office that meets the eye. 

Microsoft Office has numerous little-known yet very cool features that take time and experience to find and apply. Are you intrigued? Well, you better be as we are about to show you some of the most interesting, useful, and well-hidden Microsoft Office features. After learning about those, you'll earn a full right to put a ‘Microsoft expert' in any resume you'd like. 


Every student knows the struggles of getting all your quotation marks in place. No proper academic writing can survive without at least a couple of citations per page. Hence, when writing a long paper, students can insert dozens of citations throughout the text. This job is not easy. Not to mention that they need to follow the exact citation format. Though, it's already a whole different story. Let's just say it's easy to see why many students prefer using academic essay writing services instead of working on the assignments by themselves. 

So, the citation feature in Word Documents helps manage citations for you. You need to start by opening the References tab and finding ‘Manage Sources' (older Office versions have the ‘Citations' tab). Next, you need to pick the details of the sentences and sources you are referencing. To do so, you should click the ‘Insert Citation' dropdown. Once it's open, you get to choose the needed citations style out of over a dozen academic reference styles. Here, students pick the style they need stress-free. Just like that, in the end, they receive a flawless Word-generated bibliography. Isn't it what we call technological progress? 

Inserting charts

Those of us who work in both Excel and Word Docs can breathe a sigh of relief. You no longer need to open Excel when you want to insert some data from it into your doc. Most Office updates allow you to simply insert a table or graph from Excel. To do so, you just need to click on a document, choose Insert, and then pick a chart you need. That's it. You'll have the second smaller window open with your Excel files. Once you have your preferred chart in the document, close the second window. Then, you can work with the chart in the Word Document using the Table Tools. 


Watermarks are an important part of modern document sharing policy. It's always best to have a watermark on your document if its content is not for sharing. However, not everyone knows that you don't need to seek our programs online to put a watermark on your Word document. You can do it inside the program. 

Open the Page Layout tab and see the word ‘Watermarks' somewhere below the main menu. That's it. Open the feature and choose the watermark you prefer to apply. Now, no one you share this document with would be able to delete the watermark you have inserted. By the way, watermarks and their use can be an interesting addition to the marketing thesis topics list you make for your future papers. 

Digital signatures

Digital signatures are becoming the new norms of online document protection. They are crucial in many areas of life. For example, you can create a resume and sign it with a digital signature. In other cases, you are expected to fill out an application, survey, or other forms and protect them with a digital signature. So what is it? Well, a digital signature is a scheme meant to verify your authenticity on the digital document. Hence, the given feature can play a crucial role in preserving your files exactly as you have created them.

Fortunately, you can easily make a digital signature without leaving the Office. All you need is to open the File tab and find the ‘Protect Document' tab. Click on it to choose ‘Add a digital signature.' That's it! Once you have it done, no alteration of the document can go unnoticed. The signature will be broken in case any additional work on the document takes place. It's a very interesting concept. In fact, the topic of digital signature is becoming rather common among coursework writing service customers. It's easy to see why. Soon, we will shift all our paperwork online, so there will be no other verification method but the digital one.

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