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iPhone Ringtone Rap Song: How to Make It?


This one is for the Rap lovers who want to change their default iPhone ringtone and set their favourite Rap track as the new iPhone Ringtone. Due to the by-product philosophy, setting customized iPhone ringtone is quite a daunting task; it is because to set a custom ringtone, you need to use iTunes, and we all know how iTunes makes it difficult for the users to create a new ringtone with all its limitations.

Well, don't worry because, in this article, we are going to discuss how you can set your favorite Rap song as your new iPhone ringtone with the help of third-party apps. So, let's get started with our guide on how to make MP3 ringtone iPhone.

Making Ringtone with SYC 2

The first up is SYC 2, aka Softorino YouTube Converter 2; it helps you download (Audio, Video, Ringtones) from more than 65 sources directly to your iPhone. To show you how easy the process is, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can download a ringtone using SYC 2.

Step 1

First things first, download the SYC 2 software from their website and follow the installation wizard to install it on your computer (Software gives you a 24-hour trial to test the features).

Step 2

Launch the app, connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cord and then tap on the “Trust the device” button. The app also features a Wi-Fi feature that allows the users to connect the devices wirelessly, but remember, you need to first connect with a USB for the Wi-Fi option to work

Step 3

Now, you need to search for your favorite Rap song and copy the URL link of the track; the app will automatically detect the song and add it to the downloading queue. SYC 2 also has an in-app browser where users can search for their Rap song by remaining inside of the software.

Step 4

After you have found your Rap song, you need to select a few things: First, you need to select the output format to Ringtone, then file extension to AAC, and at last, choose the destination “iPhone device”. After you are done, just click on the “Convert & Transfer to iPhone” button to move this ringtone to your iPhone device.

Step 5

Once everything is done, the song will automatically appear on your iPhone, and all you will have to do is visit the iPhone's Setting > Sound > Ringtones > Select the Rap track you just created using the SYC 2 application. Now, you can enjoy your new Rap song ringtone every time someone calls you.

Features of SYC 2

Here are some of the features that everyone should know about before they start using the SYC 2 application.

1 Click Transfer

SYC 2 allows its users to download and transfer any music to its target destination on the iPhone device with a single click. Not just iPhone, it can transfer music to every Apple device created till now, including the old iPod classics and Nano. Isn't this fascinating?

In-app Browser

SYC 2 features an in-app browser that allows users to search for their favorite track without leaving the application. The browser supports more than 60 websites to download music from; the list includes Youtube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, , and more.

Trimless Ringtones

iTunes and most of the third-party apps want the users to trim the starting and ending point of the track they are setting as the new ringtone. But with SYC 2, that is not the case; users can create timeless ringtones and push those tracks into their iPhone with a single click.

Wireless Transfer

Thanks to the WI-FI technology, users can now transfer the music wirelessly and free themselves of the cords. All they have to do is set both of the devices on the same network and get ready to download any Youtube Music, video, or Ringtone.

Alternatives to Create Rap Song Ringtones


iRingg is best known for creating ringtones and transferring them to iPhone devices without iTunes sync. Users can simply drop a song to the interface, or they can also download the song from the “Search” tab of the application to create the ringtone. After users have downloaded their desired song, they need to trim it, add some effects, and export that ringtone to the iPhone. One of the best features of the application is that it gives the users suggestions based on their previous library history; they call it the 6Sense.


WALTR PRO is a dedicated iOS tool that gives users an opportunity to transfer all types of files such as Ringtone, Audios, Videos, Documents, and more to iPhone without any hassle. All they have to do is drag & drop the file in the App's interface and WALTR PRO will transfer that file into its target destination.

Thanks to the built-in converter, now users do not have to convert their files into the Apple compatible format, WALTR 2 does this job for the users during the transfer process. The best thing about the application is that it works on almost all the devices that Apple ever created, including the Apple iPods built-in 2001.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have presented you with different third-party apps that can help you set your favorite rap song as your new iPhone Ringtone. If you are still unsure how to make MP3 ringtone iPhone, we would ask you to download all the applications on your computer and see how easy it is to set your own customized ringtone. So, install the applications, avail of their free 24-hour trial, and test out all the features to create as many ringtones as you want.

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