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Microsoft Forms Getting Mobile-Friendly Update

During October and November, Microsoft Forms users are getting an improved mobile experience, making the app easier to use on Android and iOS.


is receiving a new update that promises to expand the accessibility of the service. According to , Forms is getting some improvements to make it more mobile friendly for and iOS users.

Microsoft Forms is a platform that helps professionals and educators create content in minutes. Forms can be surveys, feedback forms, or quizzes. They can be shared with anyone and form owners can see results of completed forms in real time.

While Forms has been available on mobile since launching last October, it has always worked better on desktop. Microsoft is aiming to change that with an upcoming improvement, creating a more mobile-friendly service.

For example, users who generate a form and analyze results feedback on mobile will now see the information in a much better format. Microsoft is optimizing the whole application to work better on mobile devices.

However, the update will not arrive until early October, and it will be a staged release. Microsoft says it plans for all users to have the changes by the end of next month. It will come to New and Existing forms on browsers first before later landing on Office Mobile.

For customers on iOS and Android, they will get the update on their app during November.

Forms Pro

In 2019, Microsoft rolled out the Pro version of Forms. Available globally through the Dynamics 365 Enterprise license, Microsoft Forms Pro is also available to other Office 365 users.

Dynamics 365 users can access Microsoft Forms Pro for free, although they are limited to 2,000 survey responses per month. Office 365 users can buy that same number of responses for $100 each month, which is about 5 cents per response.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:20 pm CET

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