Microsoft is working on a new feature for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that would bring remote control functionality to the consoles. Currently in the testing phase, the tool is available for a select few Xbox Insider Program members.

Looking at the feature, it will allow Xbox Series X and S to support HDMI-CEC abilities. In other words, any normal remote control would be able to navigate the Xbox dashboard and interact with apps. For example, streaming platforms like Netflix and Spotify.

It is worth pointing out both consoles shipped with some HDMI-CEC abilities. Specifically, features to turn TV volume up and down or power up the TV. Microsoft is now expanding capabilities to general navigation and interaction on apps including YouTube, Twitch, and more.

Furthermore, the update allows your TV to automatically switch input functionality to the Xbox by pressing the Xbox button on a controller. For example, if your Xbox is on HDMI 1 and you watch cable on HDMI 2, pressing the Xbox button will switch the TV to HDMI 1 automatically.


Insiders can locate the new HDMI-CEC features through the settings on the Xbox dashboard. Currently they are limited to select users on the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Xbox Insider channels. We guess Microsoft will expand testing to other rings soon, before a wider rollout to Xbox consoles in the months ahead.

Other major changes are coming to Xbox Series X and S in the coming weeks and months. For example, Microsoft is also testing night mode, an improved dashboard, and a new Microsoft Edge browser build.

Tip of the day: With many reachable wireless access points popping up and disappearing again, the available networks list can become quite annoying. If needed you can use the allowed and blocked filter list of Windows 10 to block certain WiFi networks or all unknown WiFi networks.