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8 Educational Apps You Should Download in Case of Another Lockdown


When the first wave of the pandemic struck and global authorities knew little about how to handle the pandemic situation, technologies helped education keep going. When half of the world’s population was stuck at home, students were still attending classes and even managed to finish such a tough academic year.

If need be, students will take the new lockdown easier, and so do teachers and other academic staff. Mobile apps and technologies have made a giant leap in 2020, thus facilitating education at a distance. All you need to prepare yourself for a new remote learning challenge is to know what apps to use.

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This topic is something that “buy an essay” service is glad to help you with. The writers have made a list of the best ed apps you should download right away in case of another lockdown.

Here we go!

Google Classroom

This app is genius for those who feel lost when it comes to assignment tracking for online education. Google Classroom is an essential solution for virtual classroom management. This app is great for both sides of the process because it helps keep track of learning activities.

Teachers can create classes, enter and alter schedules, set due dates for assignments, etc. Students, on the other hand, are notified of all these changes and may upload their projects and homework right into the system.


edX is no longer just a website with the best online courses from the world’s best universities. Today, it’s a mobile app with wonderful features for easier and more effective learning.

edX has revolutionized online education by bringing it right to your fingertips. You can study anywhere and at any time. The only requirement is to have a stable internet connection. So, we highly advise you to download edX regardless of the possibility of a new lockdown. You’ll definitely find some useful courses to study there.

However, edX is not the only app in the online courses family. Check the following ones as well:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Lynda
  • FutureLearn
  • Udacity


Online education puts a greater emphasis on essay writing and exams. There is no better way to track your academic performance rather than to make you write or pass tests. You can become an A-student with essay help if we talk about essay writing. However, you are on your own when it comes to exams.

To ease this task, Quizlet is there to help. It automates different learning strategies, thus making it easier to learn and memorize details. Quizlet offers tons of flashcards, gaming activities, and reminders to make studying easy and fun.


Obviously, you’ll need a tool for video conferencing if a new lockdown appears on the horizon. Zoom has proved itself handy and reliable for all sorts of meetings, including those consisting of dozens of people.

There are alternatives to Zoom such as Google Meets for example. However, Zoom is now at the peak of its popularity, so you won’t be disappointed if you decide in its favor. Communication is really something you should treasure during times like ours.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is well-known for its unique learning environment for all. Today, you can find its app in the list of the best educational apps for students offered for free. It has great functionality and a very friendly interface.

Khan Academy has developed its unique way of delivering knowledge to the brain. It has been effectively realized in all materials offered through the app. This app is essential for every student right now, let alone during the possible lockdown.


To keep yourself entertained and to know more about different fields, there is a TED app for you. Seriously, if you chase for wider background knowledge, these talks are the best way to gain it. However, at the same time, TED helps expand your horizon in the field you are professionally interested in.

So, the TED app is the best if you want to spend your time with quality during the lockdown. But, even if there is none, you should still download it.


Hybrid or online educational models make lots of students get lost in their classes. They can’t figure out what assignments they are requested to complete. However, quite often it’s not the schedule that makes it difficult.

Some students need to communicate and discuss topics that they might not be good at with teachers. A tutor may help, but not everyone can afford to have one. StudyBlue is there to help. This app offers access to a library of great learning materials created by teachers and students. This learning platform will definitely help you become a better student.

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It’s communication and discussions that we miss the most during the lockdown. There is a way out of its shortage if another lockdown strikes. Simply download this app and get access to millions of discussion threads. You can find literally any topic on Quora, so learning can really be made easier.

Lots of people comment on Quora, but you can check their ratings and credentials. This is a place to look for creative ideas and new perspectives. They are so much missed when people are locked in their homes out of fear of the pandemic.


There are many more educational apps that you should have on your phone to access them immediately. However, only a few of them can be a real treasure during times like lockdown. Don’t waste another minute – go and download them right away! Make your learning fun!

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