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Microsoft to Use Vacuum Cleaners to Gather CO2 to Sell to Coca-Cola

Microsoft is turning to the nascent tech of CO2 vacuum cleaners to address emissions, with Coca-Cola ready to purchase what is caught.


In its ongoing effort to reduce , is turning to vacuum cleaners. Specifically, CO2 vacuum cleaners, which are an innovative technology that helps to remove carbon dioxide from the air. Microsoft and automotive giant Audi are investing in the technology, while drinks juggernaut Coca-Cola is purchasing the carbon the companies gather.

According to the Wall Street Journal, CO2 vacuum cleaners are very expensive, which is why they have not become widespread. It is also a nascent technology that takes a lot of energy and is not scalable. However, some companies are big enough to ride these issues and adopt the technology.

Microsoft is among those companies and is now investing in the CO2 vacuum cleaner technology. Not much is known about the project other than Microsoft's involvement alongside Audi. It is also known Coca-Cola will purchase the carbon.

The involvement of the soft drinks giant may seem confusing. However, CO2 is used in carbonated drinks (it's right there in the name) to add fizz. In fact, the global drinks market uses over 10 million tons of CO2 each year.

So, when you open a future can of Coca-Cola, there is a chance you will be helping the climate and drinking CO2 captured by Microsoft with vacuum cleaners.

Microsoft's Environmental Efforts

Last month, Microsoft introduced a new vertical cloud solution known as for Sustainability.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is joining the growing portfolio of vertical cloud offerings as Microsoft says there is a global need to cut carbon consumption. Reflecting on the impact of climate change and the real problems we face if changes are not made, Microsoft says it is hard for organizations to properly understand their environmental impact.

“Organizations need to be able to record their environmental footprint, report to stakeholders, reduce their resource usage, remove their footprint through carbon offsets or recycling and replace high footprint resources with low-footprint ones.”

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