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Microsoft is rolling out a new Office Insider update this week. Specifically, this is for iOS users who can now update the preview to Version 2.53 (21083001). This is an interesting update because it adds three new features to Microsoft Office on iPhone and iPad.

First up is the ability to record voice messages and get transcription of your notes in real-time. Recording voice notes in Office Mobile is an increasingly important tool and users on iOS now get a real-time transcription automatically:

Recording your thoughts and jotting down notes using your voice on your mobile device is becoming increasingly important to stay productive. You can now record voice notes in Office Mobile and transcribe them in real time, right from your iOS device. To do this, tap the + button at the bottom of the navigation bar, select Voice in the Quick Capture pop-up menu, and tap the microphone icon to start a new recording. Office also generates an automated transcription of your recording, which can be reviewed by tapping on the voice card on the Home tab.”

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Across the core Office apps of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the new Office Insider update now allows iOS users to quickly delete files. This taps into an Apple feature that has previously been reserved for native iOS apps:

Now you can use familiar iOS gestures to quickly and easily delete a file or folder. Just swipe on the file or folder name, or tap and hold on the name, and you’ll be prompted to confirm the deletion.”

Microsoft 365 users on iOS can now access the premium library from their iPhone or iPad. This was previously off-limits on the platform. It means users now get access to icons, images, and more that they can integrate into their Office documents:

Microsoft 365 subscribers have access to a large and growing library of rich media—images, icons, stickers, cartoon people, and more—that they can use to enhance their Office creations. Now we’ve brought this library to the iOS platform! To access the premium content library in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, just tap Insert > Pictures > Stock Images. Then select the media element you want and tap Insert.”
Tip of the day:

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