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Another 9 Gadgets beside Laptop and Smartphone That a Student Can’t Do Without


In today's world, there is hardly a teenager who doesn't have a smartphone in his or her arsenal of useful gadgets. The advice to buy a laptop “to be the best student in the world” would come as no surprise to anyone. Smartwatches, fitness bracelets, tablets – there are a million and one articles on one of these websites about the best gadgets for students that will tell you how useful these devices are.

They are definitely useful for everyone, but let's talk about the devices that you have probably heard of, but doubly considered buying before college.

100% useful ones

1.    Smartpen (such as Livescribe Echo or Neo)



A smartpen is any student's dream come true. The pen is capable not only of digitizing all handwritten notes but also of transcribing the manuscript into an electronic text. The recognition rate is very high and comparable to that of human recognition, especially nice is that different languages are supported.

The gadget can make audio notes overwriting, in practice this can be used to record a lecture over a handwritten note.

The pen is very similar to a regular pen. It is the best tech for college for the student who wants to make studying much easier.

2.    E-book (such as Kindle)

The E-book screen with E-Ink (Electronic Ink) technology is the best choice for pupils and students. It simulates the page of a normal paper book and doesn't strain your eyes after long hours of reading. Instead of reading a single manuscript, the gadget can contain more than 100 voluminous titles. This allows you to carry several hundred books and textbooks with you – the exact number depends on the device's memory capacity.

Many e-books have backlighting for easy reading in the dark. Others are loaded with dictionaries for quick text translation from one language to another.

3.    Powerbank

If you spend hours on your smartphone, or if your daily routine makes it difficult to recharge it in time, this device is vital.

What to consider when choosing a power bank:

  • Capacity (should be 2-2.5 times the capacity of your smartphone battery)
  • Quick Charge technology
  • The number of USB ports (one is not enough)
  • A recharge indicator
  • Weight

Ones you can't do without living in the dorms

4.    Wireless headphones

Tired of untangling wires? Wireless headphones are the answer. They are easy to connect to your mobile phone, tablet, TV, computer and even your smartwatch.

Such headphones require regular charging, but you can connect a wire to them and use them as a conventional wired headset.

Nowadays there are thousands of models, and sometimes it is not easy to choose the right one for you. At least, not as easy as choosing a cheap writing company.

When deciding which wireless headphones to purchase, pay attention to the Bluetooth version. It should be the same as the one your device supports. It is best to choose a coverage range of at least 15 metres in order to move around the room comfortably. Moreover, give preference to those with noise cancellation.

5.    Wireless Bluetooth speakers

Most students won't have the budget or place in their dorm room to fully set up proper sound speakers, but a wireless Bluetooth speaker can play a file from a computer or smartphone with solid bass and high volume.

The wireless Bluetooth speaker is perfect for art and design students, who often need a sound system for presentations and art installations. A small device like this is easy to carry around and will get the job done.

6.    Light alarm clock (such as Philips Alarm Clock Lights)Austin

How hard is it sometimes to wake up to the horrible sound of an alarm clock on your smartphone after a fun night out? Whatever tune you set, eventually it becomes the messenger of the waking up hell, and your favourite tune is no longer your favourite.

It provides the most natural wake-up, imitating the sunrise, and you can also set various sounds of nature, such as birds singing. The clever little gadget helps students wake up naturally and achieve better learning results.

We must say that the gadget is one of the coolest dorm room gadgets. It is handy for those who are struggling to get up early, especially in winter.

Ones that are obviously useful and fun to have

7.    Multi-function printer

An MFP is a device that combines the functions of a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine.

In other words several useful devices in one box. Documents can be copied quickly, printed and scanned without the need to switch a computer on.

Having such a device in your dorm room, one can even set up a small business of providing printing and scanning services.

8.    Smart speaker with a virtual assistant (such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri)

Virtual assistants are without a doubt one of the best electronics for college students. It can be communicated via voice and can be used to search for words or phrases, convert currencies, request directions, create reminders and much more.

Another useful part of the smart speaker's function is answering questions – this is exactly what cool school gadgets must do. You can ask for almost any information – how long it takes to get to the lab, how to become a law essay profy, what's shown in the cinema, what the name of the capital of a little-known country is, and much more.

9.    Backpack with solar panel

To protect your laptop and other gadgets, don't forget dedicated bags and backpacks. Choose a bag or backpack that suits the screen diagonal of your laptop. Also look for materials such as nylon, microfibre or leatherette that are durable and waterproof.

The perfect solution is a backpack that provides charging for your study gadgets. It has a built-in battery and solar panel. When the backpack is exposed to the sun, the battery charges and the charging speed is no different than when it's plugged in. The solar panel and the battery are scratch-resistant and water-resistant, which greatly extends the life of the backpack.

In any case, we do admit that this gadget is rather for students who like to travel to unexplored places where human civilization has not yet reached. In this way, you can get a versatile gadget for study and travel.

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