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Microsoft Debuts Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3.1

Arriving just days after Preview 3, Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3.1 sees Microsoft makes important fixes for two notable issues.


is moving quickly through the Visual Studio 2022 Preview builds after releasing the preview in June. Just days after rolling out Preview 3, the company is back with Preview 3.1. As you might expect with an update released so quickly following the previous one, this is focused on fixing issues.

In fact, Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3.1 is a cumulative update that makes two important fixes to the platform. Specifically, Microsoft has fixed a problem when installing WebView 2 would cause VS installations to fail.

Secondly, the company has also patched an issue where code changes for break points in the debugger get stuck in the process. You can check out the official changelog from Microsoft below:

  • “Fixes an issue installing the Microsoft.WebView2 package during Visual Studio installation, which would cause the entire installation to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where any users trying to apply code changes while in a break point under the debugger will see an indefinite progress bar without an option to cancel.”

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3

Last week, Microsoft sent out VS 2022 Preview 3, which was a more substantial update focusing on new features. Microsoft is adding several new features. Among the additions are a dark theme update, support for multi-repo Git, and a new project designer.

The company also talked about Hot Reload for C++ apps. Earlier this month, Microsoft published a blog post highlighting the benefits of Hot Reload. In terms of code, the new Hot Reload, it can work alongside the existing XAML Hot Reload feature.

Back in July, Microsoft brought Visual Studio 2022 Preview to Apple's macOS for the first time.

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