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Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3

Microsoft’s new Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 is now reaching Windows, with dark theme improvements and a new project designer.


is now rolling out Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 to Windows 10 users. With this latest preview for VS 2022, Microsoft is adding several new features. Among the additions are a dark theme update, support for multi-repo Git, and a new project designer.

Starting with the project designer, Microsoft says the tool works with .NET SDK projects. With the designer, Visual Studio 2022 users can create projects more easily. This is possible through a single columns of actionable tools that are more clearly defined.

While previous VS 2022 previews have supported dark theme, Microsoft says Preview 3 is adding improvements. In fact, the company describes these improvements as “big changes”. For example, a new accent color provides a viewing experience that is easier on the eyes.

Although it was rolled out in Preview 2, Microsoft is talking up the Hot Reload support for C++ apps in the Preview 3 changelog. Earlier this month, Microsoft published a blog post highlighting the benefits of Hot Reload.

In terms of code, the new Hot Reload, it can work alongside the existing XAML Hot Reload feature. Furthermore, it also works in unison with debugger capabilities like breakpoints that are already part of Visual Studio 2022 Preview.


  • “One example is the improvements in the attach to process dialog. The dialog is now async, shows the command line arguments for processes, IIS information for w3wp.exe processes, and lasty the dialog has an optional tree view mode for showing parent-child process relationships. These capabilities reduce a lot of the friction in deciding which process to debug in advanced scenarios.
  • With Preview 3 there's a brand-new project properties designer for .NET SDK projects. The new designer is easier to use and browse with a single column of options with clear descriptions. Best of all the new designer has built in search so it's now easy to
  • Dark theme improvements: In preview 3 you'll see big changes to the dark theme to improve the usability of Visual Studio. The new dark theme has a new accent color, which is less intense, and used more sparingly to reduce distraction and eyestrain. The new accent color now matches the latest product visual identity, which helps you quickly find the right window when they are navigating among multiple tools.
  • With Preview 2, Hot Reload now supports C++ apps.
  • Developing modern apps: With Visual Studio 2022, we are building tools to both support your existing applications and tools for building the latest types of applications. For example, in preview 3 we're adding new capabilities to run tests in Linux environments and a new project types for frontend development with React and Vue.js applications using either TypeScript or JavaScript.
  • Remote testing: With remote testing you can now get feedback from your cross-platform tests, and even debug them from the comfort of Visual Studio! The feature works with a range of remote environments such as Linux containers, WSL, and over SSH connections – empowering you to test modern cross platform .NET applications.”

Tip of the day: By default, the most used apps group in your start menu shows the six most frequently used apps. However, you can customize your Windows 10 Start Menu to exclude certain apps from the list or get rid of the most used apps section entirely.

Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:22 pm CET

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