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Microsoft Developing New OneNote App for Windows 11

Microsoft says Windows 11 will get a new Windows 11 app next year that will have more features from the full desktop experience.


says it is developing a new OneNote application that will arrive during “the second half of 2022”. According to the company, this will bring the OneNote service into the era. With becoming old-news and losing support in 2025, the current OneNote app needs replacing.

As well as building a new app for Windows 11, Microsoft will provide an overhaul of the app with a bunch of new features. It is worth noting we are talking about the OneNote for Windows 10 and not the desktop application.

“After the in-app invitation is available, we recommend updating to the OneNote app by October 2025 when both Windows 10 and OneNote for Windows 10 will reach end-of-support,” Microsoft says.

OneNote will continue as normal on iOS, Android, Web, and macOS. Windows 10 and Windows 11 users will still get the full desktop app, but Microsoft is also working on a new Windows-specific app. In doing so, the company will address some of the feature omissions the Windows app has had compared to desktop OneNote.

While we won't be incorporating the entire list of features from OneNote for Windows 10 into the OneNote app, we are working to ensure that all the most loved features will continue to be a part of OneNote. We will follow up with the full list of features in a future announcement.”

OneNote 2016

It seems Microsoft has given up on trying to push users into choosing the Windows OneNote app over the full version. Since the launch of OneNote 2016, Microsoft has tried to make the UWP app default OneNote experience for Windows users. In fact, OneNote 2016 was left in maintenance mode for years.

In 2018, Microsoft even had plans to kill off the full OneNote experience. According to Microsoft, it went back to focusing on OneNote 2016 because of feedback from users. Many Windows 10 users preferred the older app, and it is worth noting the UWP and 2016 OneNote versions never had a uniformed feature set.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:22 pm CET

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