With Windows 11 now in preview, Insiders are testing features that will make up the core of the experience at full launch this fall. However, some features are still to be available in preview. One of them is the Snipping Tool, which has been teased by Microsoft product chief Panos Panay this week.

Taking to his Twitter account, an enthusiastic Panay provides a “first look” at the tool. He always say it should be coming to Windows 11 preview builds on the Insider soon. We are filing this video firmly under “teaser” because it is just 17 seconds long.

Of course, that is not enough to time to see the total scope of the Snipping Tool in Windows 11. Instead, we get a glimpse of the design that is inspired by the Flow UI, to match the wider aesthetic of Windows 11.

Looking at some of those design specifics, the button for “New Snip” is now a simple plus symbol instead of the more classic scissors. As for the Mode option, this is now a drop-down toggle that allows you to choose options. Also fitting into the new aesthetic is the settings option, which gets treatment from the new Microsoft icon language.

Snip & Sketch

The Snipping Tool also brings some features from Snip & Sketch. It is worth noting Screen Sketch itself was a replacement for the older Snipping Tool and was included in the Windows Ink suite. Snip & Search provides more power and functionality than its predecessors, including a keyboard shortcut (Win+Shift+S) for easy access. Additional features include creating screenshots in random shapes and an in-built image editor.

It seems many of the Snip & Sketch features will make their way to Windows 11, although the service will once again be known as the Snipping Tool. It is worth remembering Microsoft has been promising this merger between its snipping tools for some times.

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