Microsoft started rolling out its Windows 365 cloud PC platform on Tuesday, allowing customers to purchase Windows 10 (and eventually Windows 11) essentially as a service streaming from the cloud. A free trial version of the platform was available at launch, but Microsoft is now pausing all free trials for Windows 365.

According to Microsoft, the reason for cutting off free trials is because of overwhelming demand for its new product.

“Following significant demand, we have reached capacity for Windows 365 trials,” reads an official note on the Microsoft 365 Twitter account. “We have seen unbelievable response to Windows 365 and need to pause our free trial program while we provision additional capacity,” adds Scott Manchester, director of Windows 365 program management.

So, is Microsoft really saying “we can see Windows 365 is going to be hugely popular, so we do not need to offer a free trial because people will just pay”?

Maybe, but it is clear organizations are interested in what Windows 365 can offer. While a free trial is a nice touch, I guess most customers already know whether they will purchase this product of not. Still, having a trail would allow enterprises to see if Microsoft can deliver a full Windows service in the cloud.

Cloud PC

Windows 365 brings the Windows platform to Microsoft cloud through Azure. It offers a secure version of Windows complete with apps, settings, and data, to corporate and personal devices.

In other words, this is Windows on the cloud that can be accessed on any device. Microsoft will leverage Microsoft Azure (Virtual Desktop) to handle the resources. Speaking of devices, Windows 365 supports Mac, iPadOS, iOS, Android, and Linux hardware.

Microsoft has made Windows 365 available across several pricing tiers starting at $24 per user per month up to $162 per user per month.

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