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The 10 Best Windows 10 Apps for College Students


Have you entered your dream college and are ready to master data for a future profession? Great, you've come a long way! However, you wondered if you have everything you need? We are sure that you are missing something. And these are Windows 10 software apps that will make your college life easier.

Do you doubt whether you need programs for study? Take a look at the statistics! Research training company McGraw-Hill conducted the Digital Study Trends Survey. The published results show that:

  • 81% of college students believe digital technology helps improve grades.
  • 81% of students believe digital technology helps improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • 69% believe digital learning technology helps them stay focused.

So don't waste your time and read our article. We've rounded up the best programs each of you should have. Apps will be your key to improving your academic performance.

Microsoft Word

Word is the most popular text editor to add tables, images, formatting, text editing, and other tasks. The program can search for synonyms, check punctuation and spelling, add different backgrounds for text, create headings and tables of contents. According to Max Malak, an expert in management and business, Word is an essential learning tool, as it forms the skills required in many professions.

Word outputted work with educational documents to the next level, and thanks to the annual product improvements, the tool is easy to work with. Note that the program does not require Internet access. However, if you do not have the opportunity to download the tool, for example, due to lack of RAM, we advise you to reach out to experts in academic writing. We are confident that, on the platform essay writing service, professional authors will increase your chances of getting an A + and send you a document in a processor.

Microsoft Excel

A spreadsheet allows you to store in tabular form a large amount of input data, results, and relationships (algebraic or logical relationships) between them. When the initial data changes, all results are automatically recalculated and entered into the table. not only automate calculations but are also an effective tool for modeling various options and situations. For example, you can graph monthly expenses and calculate which months are the most expensive. By changing the initial data values, you can monitor the results obtained and choose the most acceptable from the many options for solving the problem. Therefore, is an essential thing for students in statistics, mathematics, and economics.

Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is a program designed to create, edit and display presentations on PCs, projectors, and large screens. PowerPoint contains many different templates that will serve as a kind of skeleton for your future presentation. You can choose one of the suggested options by replacing the text and image and adding other slides to the presentation. The program allows you to select a variety of effects, graphics, backgrounds. You can also use music, animation, and other elements.

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is a universal tool for working with paper and PDF documents in a digital workplace, using optical character recognition and document conversion technologies. ABBYY FineReader allows you to open, view and edit PDF documents, add comments, graphic marks, and bookmarks to them, work with attached files, and search by text. In the scanned document, you can correct typos, add and remove texts, move and reformat text blocks, edit tables, add and delete pages, protect with a password, etc.

Foxit Reader

Today, teachers prefer to transfer information to PDF files because, unlike regular text files, PDF supports illustrations, graphs, and photographs. Without a dedicated app, you won't be able to open them. Foxit Reader is a PDF reader. Foxit Reader has the following features:

  • Work with any modification of PDF files.
  • The page or full printing of documents.
  • Full-screen reading mode.
  • A tool that allows you to take a screenshot of the screen in the right place.
  • Selection of any fragment of the document.


The main secret to successful academic performance is that you must store data in one place. When the information you need is scattered in different folders, it isn't easy to find it at the right time. OneNote is a unified repository of information. OneNote notes are on OneDrive and are automatically synced to the server. Therefore, you cannot lose the data stored in OneNote.

Anki Flashcards

Anki is a program for learning facts, formulas, or complex terms. The program is designed for students who need to memorize information as efficiently as possible. Anki offers several features:

  • The optimal repetition algorithm, which changes depending on the success of your answers.
  • LaTeX scientific markup support.
  • The program saves detailed statistics of your progress.
  • A flexible map display format allows you to display an arbitrary number of fields on the front and back of the card.

Wolfram | Alpha

Wolfram | Alpha is a search engine for various mathematics, science, technology, society, culture, and more. Thanks to natural language processing, large datasets, dynamic computing, and visual display of search results, the service works. Here you can do science quizzes, solve math puzzles, or get answers for various subjects.


Zotero is an open-source program that helps you keep bibliographic descriptions of texts and, if desired, full versions of them systematically. Plus, with Zotero, you can spend less time designing links and bibliography to the right standards. Zotero supports all major citation styles.


Grammarly is a text-checking and editing program. The program helps find mistakes, typos in scientific papers and makes the text easier to understand. The program underlines found errors, typos and offers a word replacement option with explanations. Grammarly also highlights the whole sentence and suggests how to change it for better perception by readers.

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