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Windows 10: How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint (PPT) Presentations

We show you how to embed fonts in your PowerPoint presentation so that you don't run into formatting changes between computers when sharing it.


If you're planning to send your presentation to another person, you may want to consider learning to embed fonts in PowerPoint. Though this is not a hard task, few know that this feature is available and that it can increase professionalism.

What is an embedded font in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint font embed feature lets you store the fonts you use in your presentation inside your PowerPoint file. This typically increases the file size but prevents PowerPoint formatting changes between computers.

When you send a PowerPoint without a font embed, the receiver must have the fonts you used installed on their PC for it to display correctly. While common fonts like Arial are usually fine, fonts that you have downloaded from the internet or that are specific to your operating system may not be.

If a PowerPoint user tries to open a presentation that contains a font they're missing, it will be replaced with a different font. As this font may have a different size or spacing, PowerPoint formatting changes between computers are common. That is, unless you embed your PowerPoint fonts.

Here's how you can do that in for , 8.1, 7, or below:

How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint for Windows

It takes only a few clicks to enable PowerPoint font embed for your presentation, but it's admittedly tucked behind a few menus. Here's how you can find it:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click “File”

    Windows 10 - Power Point - Open File

  2. Press “More… > Options”

    Windows 10 - Power Point - File - More - Options

  3. Click “Save” in the PowerPoint Options sidebar

    Windows 10 - Power Point - File - More - Options - Save

  4. Choose your PowerPoint font embed method

    When embedding fonts in PowerPoint, you're faced with two options: embedding only the characters you use in your presentation or embedding all of the characters of your font.

    The choice between the two is actually quite simple. You should embed only the characters if the receiver isn't planning to make any changes to the file. Otherwise, you should embed all of the characters of the font so they don't run into issues if they try to type a letter or symbol you haven't used yet.

    Tick¬†“Embed fonts in the file”, choose between one of the two options, then press “OK” to save your preferences.¬†

    Windows 10 - Power Point - File - More - Options - Save - Embed Fonts - Accept

That's really all you need to do to embed fonts in PowerPoint. Do bear in mind, however, that this won't automatically apply to all of your presentations. You'll have to manually go into options and enable it for each presentation where you want your PowerPoint fonts embedded.

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