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Microsoft Azure: All the News From Microsoft Inspire 2021

Microsoft Azure got a bunch of announcements at Inspire 2021, including Azure API Management in Azure Event Grid and Smart Defaults in AKS.


has had a busy day at its Inspire 2021 conference, including the introduction of Windows 365 Cloud PC. Azure is providing the backbone for the new hybrid computing product, and as you might expect, Microsoft has plenty of announcements for Azure.

Azure API Management integration with Azure Event Grid is now available in preview. Microsoft says this tool provides customers with the ability to configure API Management so they can publish to Event Gird. This is possible when a new user is added to an API Management resource.

Speaking to Event Grid, its integration with Azure Kubernetes Service is now entering preview. Event Gird is used to rout events from source to destination with notifications. Users can leverage event-based architecture to build applications easily. This happens by subscribing to events. For Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), customers can subscribe to these events:

  • AKS event for a new Kubernetes version upgrade availability.
  • AKS event for a new node image version upgrade availability.

Also in the realm of AKS, Microsoft has brought Smart Defaults to preview. These are cluster configurations that focus on specific scenarios that users can implement with a single click. This helps developers avoid common problems when setting up apps.

Available Smart Defaults are cost-optimized, batch processing, Dev/Test, and hardened cluster access.

Other Microsoft Azure Announcements

At Inspire 2021, Microsoft introduced a new Partner Center for Azure Synapse. This allows partners to directly add their apps to be accessed in Synapse Studio. Customer can browse solutions more easily and connect to partner services through an API.

This tool is available in Synapse Studio for customers using Informatica, Incorta, Fivetran, Qlik Data Integration, and Previsely.

In Azure Stack HCI, new partner programs, product features, and specializations have been added:

  • “Azure Stack HCI now supports 's popular Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA) feature for Windows Server. Customers with existing Windows Server 2019 edition activation keys can enter them directly into the Azure Stack HCI host using the Windows Admin Center or PowerShell. Virtual machines running Windows Server will automatically inherit activation from the host, so product keys for each virtual machine do not need to be managed separately.
  • Secured-core server, which is available for Azure Stack HCI, is becoming a required component for HCI integrated systems. Secured-core server simplifies security enablement at the server level by resecuring hardware, firmware and OS capabilities to help protect against threats. Secured-core server disrupts practical attack vectors proactively.”
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