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Microsoft Promises More Windows 11 Features During Preview

Answering critics of Windows 11, Microsoft points out more features are planned for the new OS, with some arriving in preview.


When it became clear that 's Sun Valley update was and not the next upgrade, many have said it is not a big enough improvement. This feeling for some critics has not changed through the announcement and preview release. Despite a redesign, new Microsoft Store, Android app support, and new features, Windows 11 could pass as a Windows 10 feature upgrade.

However, Microsoft is now saying there is more to come. In fact, on the Windows Dev Twitter account, the company says there is “much more to come”. The team adds new features will be coming to Insider builds in the coming months.

There are two considerations to make here. Firstly, I am part of the group who thinks Windows 11 is “not enough” to warrant a rebranding from Windows 10. That said, it is obvious that Microsoft will be bringing more feature over time.

Still, I am doubtful we will see any major “new” features coming to Windows 11 during the preview. Simply put, Microsoft would have announced such standout features for the pipeline when it launched the platform.

Future Updates

So, from now until the full launch of Windows 11 in the fall, what we see is mostly what we will get. Moving forward from the full launch, Microsoft will continue to operate Windows as a service. As we previously reported, that means annual feature updates instead of the two-yearly releases of Windows 10.

That means new features will obviously be coming to the platform in the future. As it stands, I still do not believe Windows 11 is the big leap Microsoft is billing it as.

Of course, if you have a PC that Microsoft is unwilling to support through the release of Windows 11, none of this matters as you will be stuck on Windows 10 regardless.

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