Last week, Microsoft moved towards the next generation of PC platforming with the introduction of Windows 11. A preview of the new brand and build is rolling out this week. In terms of a full launch, Microsoft discussed the “fall”, “later this year”, and “holiday season”. However, some hints from the company suggest exactly when Windows 11 will drop.

Clearly the platform will arrive near the end of the year, but Microsoft keeps suggesting October is the likely launch month. One such hint is a Microsoft Teams message during last week’s event that reads “excited to turn it up to 11… can’t wait for October!”

That’s a bit more than a hint and seems to suggest Microsoft is scheduling Windows 11 for October. The message in question was from Stevie Bathiche, a key engineer on Surface devices, to Panos Panay, who is chief of Windows and devices.

Now, the question is, was the message a hint for Windows 11 or a new Surface device? Maybe it was both but is more likely to be Windows 11. An October launch would fit into Microsoft’s general release window for Windows builds. The company usually finalizes updates in October and rolls them out.

As for Surface, there are likely to be new devices coming later this year so an introduction around the launch of Windows 11 makes sense. Who knows, maybe we will finally see the Surface Neo.


In terms of Windows 11 updates, if the platform launches in October there is a good chance that will become the month that Microsoft rolls out updates each year. Last week we reported the company is returning to annual Windows upgrades.

Instead, or ditching the idea of Windows as a Service, Microsoft is easing some of the pressure on needing to add new features every six months. Microsoft can focus on stabilizing updates and even bringing more new features to them. The company also promises Windows 11 updates are 40% smaller so will be easier to install.

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