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Leaked Windows 11 Screens Show New File Explorer, Settings, and Dark Mode

Microsoft’s Windows 11 features a redesigned Settings app, new File Explorer design, and slick dark mode in leaked images.


We already know a lot about following 's introduction event last week. For example, Microsoft confirmed a redesign across the platform and that there would be a at launch. However, the finer details of both those aesthetic choices were not available last week.

That is now changing thanks to some images sent out by a Microsoft employee. Microsoft watcher Tom Warren took to Twitter to highlight the images, which show the new , , and Dark Mode.

Microsoft is not reinventing the wheel with the File Explorer. You won't see a new UI, but instead a design upgrade with smoother icons and cleaner aesthetics. It makes sense to leave the general functionality of the File Explorer the same considering it is essentially the hub of Windows that people are familiar with.

File Explorer

As for the Settings app, it has undergone a slight UI shift and now looks more organized and professional. Microsoft is splitting options under each settings menu into easier to see boxes. These boxes are expandable to see added settings.

Dark Mode

The Settings app clearly shows the design choices of Windows 11 over Windows 10. However, it is worth noting that Microsoft's seemingly never-ending transition from the Control Panel to the Settings app remains.


This set of images also shows the in dark mode, a Windows 11 section we had only seen in the regular light mode.

As for the overall dark mode look, it adds a nice layer of style to Windows 11 and if anything makes Microsoft's new design and UI choices stand out even more.

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