Microsoft OneDrive is about to get a new Share Dialogue through an update coming to the cloud storage and file sharing app. With the chance, users will be able to see who they share files with more easily.

Microsoft says the new Share Dialogue in OneDrive will arrive on the Windows 10 and web versions of the service. We presume that will also mean Windows 11 when Microsoft launches the platform later this year.

In terms of the new dialogue, users will now see a “Shared with” section. This lists all contacts you have shared a file instantly without needing to dig around. It will make it easier to see who has access to files at a glance.

When you interact with the “Shared with” list, it opens the Manage Access View settings, highlighting details about the file/contact. If you use the new dialogue to send a file, it will provide confirmation of the access.

If you have given access permission to contacts, they can interact with the OneDrive file through Manage Access via the new “Shared with” options.

Microsoft will begin rolling out the new feature in July as a targeted release. By mid-July, the targeted release will be complete. From then, Microsoft will start a wide roll-out to all OneDrive users on Windows and web, expecting to end this process by the end of next month.

64-Bit Version

Back in April, Microsoft finally brought a 64-bit version of OneDrive to Windows 10. Having a 64-bit version of OneDrive is important, Microsoft explains, because it makes it easier to manage large files. Of course, this will depend on whether your version of Windows 10 supports 64-bit.

“The 64-bit version is the right choice if you plan to use large files, if you have a lot of files, and if you have a computer that’s running a 64-bit version of Windows,” Microsoft’s Ankita Kirti says in a blog post.

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