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How to Clear the Cookies, Cache, and Site Data for a Specific Site in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox

We show you how to clear cookies for a specific site in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, as well as the cache and site data.


It's not unusual to experience issues with a website due to an issue with your browser's cache or cookies. In fact, most support technicians will ask you to clear cookies/cache in Chrome, , or Edge as a first troubleshooting step.

However, in most cases, it's not necessary to clear the entire cache. If you're having an issue with a single site, it makes more sense to delete specific cookies and cache elements that could be causing the issue.

Today we're going to show you how to clear cookies for a specific site in each of the major browsers. With this method, you won't have to worry about losing active logins and important data across the web. Let's get started:

Google Chrome: Delete Specific Cookies, Cache, and Site Data

There are a couple of different ways you can utilize Chrome to delete cookies for a specific site. You can make use of its siteData page or delete cookies directly from the browser bar in the site you're experiencing issues with. Here's how:

  1. Method 1: Paste the siteData URL in your address bar

    The fastest way to view and delete specific cookies and site data is the dedicated settings page. Paste the following into your browser bar to access it:


    You can press the “Remove All” button to clear cookies for all sites, or press the bin button to have Chrome delete specific cookies.

  2. Method 2: Access site siteData via settings

    If the URL isn't working for you, you can also access siteData through the settings menu. Just be aware that it takes quite a bit longer.

    First, click the three sots in the top-right corner of your browser and click “Settings”.

  3. Open the Settings hamburger

    Click the hamburger menu (?) in the top-right of your settings page to access more options.

  4. Press “Privacy and security”

  5. Click “Cookies and other site data”

  6. Choose “See all cookies and site data”

  7. Clear specific cookies/data in Chrome

    You should now see the siteData menu, where you can click “Remove All” to clear the cache in Chrome or press the trash button next to a site to clear specific cookies.

  8. View more information about a site's cookies in Chrome

    If you need more information before you clear the cache, you can click the arrow button to the right of the trash can.

  9. View the stored content and delete site data

    Chrome will provide you with useful information like the content of the stored information, when it was created, and the name. You can then decide whether you want to keep it or press “Remove All”.

  10. Method 3: How to Delete Cookies from a specific site in the Chrome address bar

    If you already know the site you'd like to modify, you can instead visit its page and press the padlock button next to its URL. You can then press “Cookies” to view the data.

  11. Delete specific cookies in Chrome settings

    Chrome will show you a list of each cookie for the site. You can click and press “Remove” to get rid of the one you believe is causing the issue.

Microsoft Edge: Clear Cache, Site Data, and Cookies for a Specific Site

As a Chromium-based browser, the procedure to clear the cache for a specific website is very similar to Chrome. simply puts its own spin on the UI.

  1. Method 1: Go to the siteData URL

    In your browser bar, paste the following:


    You'll be taken to the “All cookies and site data” settings page, where you can click “Remove all” to delete everything or the trash icon to delete specific cookies and site data.

  2. Method 2: How to clear specific cookies via the address bar

    Like Chrome, you can also visit a specific site in Microsoft Edge and press the padlock button next to its address to view all its cookies. Simply click the “Cookies (x cookies in use)” button.

  3. Click the relevant cookies and press “Remove”

How to Clear Cache, Cookies, and Site Data for a Site in Firefox

The method to clear cookies in Firefox is a little different to the other two browsers, but it's still very simple:

  1. Open the Options menu

    Press the hamburger (?) menu button in the top-right of your browser window and click “Options”.

  2. Manage your site data

    Click the padlock on the left side of your options window to open privacy settings, then press “Manage Data…” under the “Cookies and Site Data” heading.

  3. Remove all or selected data for a site

    Choose a site from the list and click “Remove Selected” or “Remove All” at the bottom.

  4. Method 2: Clear cookies a site data for a site via the address bar

    You can also clear cookies in Firefox via the padlock icon in your address bar. Simply visit the site in question, click the padlock, and press “Clear Cookies and Site Data…”

  5. Delete Firefox cookies for the site

    Select the site you'd like to delete cookies for in Firefox and press “Remove”.

There you have it. You now know how to clear cookies for a specific site in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. If you found this useful, you may also want to learn how to disable hardware acceleration or turn on Caret browsing.

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