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Windows 11 Will Get Third-Party Widgets after-All, Just Not Straight Away

Despite seemingly having no API for widgets, Windows 11 may introduce third-party widgets after it is introduced this week.


We are just days from 's What's Next for Windows event, which is now all but guaranteed to see the company launch . Thanks to a leaked ISO build last week, we have been playing with a version of Windows 11. That early build does not have widgets, which were expected to be part of the experience.

It seems Microsoft has not decided to ditch the idea of resurrecting widgets from the days of Windows Vista, and they will return on the full Windows 11 build. The widgets are similar to the Floating Gadgets Microsoft used on its poorly-received .

In the early ISO build, the only widget is Microsoft's recently launched News/Weather pop-out, which is already available on Windows 10. It was thought the company would develop more widgets and also ask developers to create third-party options.

When the News/Weather pop-out was the sole widget on the ISO, many people assumed Microsoft had ditched the idea. This was backed up by a lack of an API to develop widgets. However, WalkingCat reports while third-party widgets will not be available at first, they will be in the future.

Coming Soon?

One possible scenario is Windows 11 will be announced with just the New/Weather widget. Let's remember that this week's reveal will be an introduction to the platform. Windows 11 is not expected to launch until at least later this year.

With that in mind, it is possible Microsoft will work on adding the API for developing widgets. The company is holding a developer event straight after the Windows 11 introducton. We hope to hear more during that meeting.

Last week, we broke down the leaked Windows 11 build and made a list of all the exciting features coming to the platform.

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