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The Top 7 Services for Studying in College


Student life can get really tough when you least expect it to. Balancing personal life and academic pressure can be a challenge for many students. But, you can still get it together – thanks to several writing services and study apps. To find out what these apps and services are, continue reading.

Apps and Services to Get Your Student Life Together

We have put together a list of useful apps that you can use to make your academic life organized and enjoyable.


As the name suggests, it is a note-taking app. It helps you keep your digital life organized. You can use it to:

  • organize your files;
  • take snippets and clippings; and,
  • of course, take notes.

Not surprisingly, note-taking is the key focus and the greatest strength of this app.

The individual files in Evernote are saved in Notes. You may organize these Notes into thematic Notebooks. Besides, several notebooks can be compiled to make Notebooks Stacks. Every feature of Evernote is pretty simple – no complications. Its UI is clean, and it uses familiar icons to indicate the core function of the app on both mobile and desktop.

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Duolingo is a new-age language learning fun platform. It is an American language-learning website and cellphone application. Duolingo offers its services for free. There is a charged premium service also with a monthly subscription fee. It is a popular choice for language learners and people who want to polish their language skills. Duolingo at present has approximately a 300million users on its website and App. Available in different languages now, the company has over 200 people staff with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

The app teaches in a fun way. The points system takes you to different levels of the course. It gradually improves your skills and prepares you for advanced learning material. The app turns fully colorized from gray once your skills progress.

It enhances your vocabulary, strengthens skills, and polishes existing expertise. You may use the testing out option to enter into a quiz. You succeed to another level with less than four errors. Moreover, the app offers more than 30 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, English, and so on.

This surely is among the most recommended apps for language learning. It targets multiple skills at a time. It teaches you reading, writing, and listening within the foundation stage. The improvement in grammar, vocabulary, and sentence building is also focused on thorough gamification.


Even with all the new applications to help and save time, students still face anxiety and fatigue due to increasing college assignments. WriteMyEssayForMe.co.uk is helping millions of students daily with its writing services. Just ask a professional writer: “Write my essay for me.” Get plagiarism-free unique paper readily available at writemyessayforme.co.uk. It's time you stop missing those friend's hangouts. Get help. Save time for other tasks. Let WriteMyEssayForMe.co.uk take care of your college assignment.

Myscript calculator

Imagine handwriting your math problem and watching it turn digital. The new age calculator, my script calculator, is one of its kind. With a strong tutorial explaining the features of the app, the interface is simple yet elegantly designed, goodbye to the traditional calculators.

Mathematics has certain complexities. Many students find it hard to figure out where the calculation went wrong. MyScript calculator helps the students to keep a record of their college assignments and calculation work. This app allows students to solve normal to complex mathematical problems on the touch. The real-time result-generating application is famous in high school, college, and even university students. Algebraic equations can be written on the screen, with real-time calculations appearing before your eyes. It helps you to practice your maths problems and prepare for the exam. It's simply more fun learning. We know how boring math can get.

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This application is a great addition to education apps for students. Scientific solutions of trigonometry can also be solved on this magical mobile app.


This free education app is a savior for students. We all tend to make common grammar errors with the burden of various college assignments. Grammarly helps you to refine your writing with grammar checks. It not only enhances the paper quality but also impresses the examiner for good grades. This application very subtly scans your text for grammatical errors and rectifies them. It corrects punctuations, tenses, and other language mistakes. Consequently, it gives you suggestions for improvement of your paper, elevates the standard of the essay. After a thorough scan, a report is generated that can be downloaded as the final version of the error-free text. This app saves you a lot of time and energy. It also helps you improve your grammar. Students notice a gradual improvement in their grammar using Grammar.

Google Drive

By far the best real-time application that helps college students to collaborate on projects efficiently. It integrates files, documents, sheets, databases, and other information on a cloud that can be accessed with a click. The safety aspect of the data is reliable. It is among the most useful apps available for college students. The app also allows users to give access to other mates. The data can be stored and reviewed by team members easily. It also helps to share data across multiple devices. Drive also offers membership to students with different levels of storage space. Google Drive evolved into an online edit cloud-based storage solution. It is the first choice for a large audience, especially students. It provides a  secure server, data transfer, and synchronization network to which helps in day to day management of time and efforts.

Timetable App

Another easy-to-use application for daily work routine management. Timetable app is also among the most downloaded application on the Google store. It allows college students to create study timetables for different subjects. The app also syncs data across multiple devices. It is considered to be an effective organizer for student life. Students easily record homework and exam schedules, alter them anytime, and allows to recreate events and activities accordingly. The study app help students to manage their college assignments and projects efficiently. This application is available for both iPhone and Android users. Its simple design and beautiful pool of colors make it even more interesting to use. It organizes your task, deadlines, gives you alerts, and notifies you continuously. Hence, keeps you up-to-date with the daily to-do list.

By now, you know what you have to do. Get your hands on these exciting services and avoid unnecessary exertion. Make use of the technology. Enjoy time with friends and family. Remember, the more you get organized, the better the chances of success. Best of luck.

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