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Windows 11 Screenshot and ISO Build Leak Reveal an Uninspired Upgrade

A Windows ISO update has leaked showing changes coming in Windows 11, but so far there does not seem to be many big changes to Windows 10.


Over the last couple of weeks, we have been following the rumor that will launch at its What's Next for Windows event on June 24. This has included speculation and even teasers from Microsoft. In the biggest piece of news yet, a leaked version of the next Windows update has landed online.

The leak started with some screenshots showing the next Windows version. This was followed by an ISO leak of Build 21996.1, which shows was we expect to be Windows 11. The folks at Neowin have looked over this leak and provided information about what we can expect in terms of the modern design and new features.

In recent weeks I have expressed doubts that the changes we know Microsoft is making are enough to warrant a rebranding to Windows 11.

So far, there is nothing in the leaked Build 21996.1 ISO to change my mind. Although, I must concede that it now looks increasingly likely Windows 11 will be announced this month. In doing so, Microsoft will go back on its previous assertion that would be the last Windows ever.

Image – Neowin


It seems the biggest change will be a redesign of the Windows platform. Microsoft is still leveraging its language, but the result here is softer, rounder, and cleaner. In terms of UI, Microsoft has changed the setup on Windows entirely to reflect the new design.

As predicted, Microsoft's decision not to launch Windows 10X has meant many of that SKU's features are coming to Windows 10/11. This is first apparent on the setup screen, while the and start menu are also getting the treatment.

With the taskbar, app icons are now located in the middle instead of aligning left, which in the Start search is now in the middle instead of on the left. While the desktop seems to have undergone a design overhaul, native Windows apps appear to be carrying the same design. Without wishing to beat the same drum, is this the kind of overhaul that demands a rebranding to Windows 11?

I hope to see Microsoft reveal some new features that do not appear in this ISO leak. It is worth remembering the company has paused preview updates until after the even. Hopefully, this means new features are being added. If not, expect the reveal of Windows 11 to be met with a muted response.

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