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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Now Warns of Jailbroken iPhones

The latest Microsoft Defender for Endpoint update now tells security teams if there is a jailbroken iOS devices running in the organization.


Defender for Endpoint now has a feature that detects when an iOS device has been jailbroken. If an has been jailbroken, Defender for Endpoint sends a notification to security teams within an organization.

While having a jailbroke iPhone or iPad can be good on a consumer side, allowing you to have more control over your device, it is a problem on the enterprise side. Jailbroken iOS devices are less secure.

for Endpoint – the enterprise version of Microsoft Defender – will now provide warnings to organizations when a device is jailbroken.

“If it's detected that a device is jailbroken, an alert is surfaced to the security team in Defender,” Microsoft Senior Program Manager Shravan Thota explains in a tech community post.

“The device will then be considered as a high-risk device and this risk score is shared with your app protection or device compliance policies so that you can block it from accessing corporate resources.”


If you are unfamiliar with the process of jailbreaking, it is essentially freeing your iOS device from 's control. Apple puts a lot of controls on its hardware, including from where you can download apps and what changes you can make to the UI.

A jailbreak elevates the user's permissions, giving them root access to the software and removing Apple's restrictions. It is nice for users who can now change icons and redesign their home page, while they can also access apps otherwise not available on iOS.

However, the removal of restrictions means it is easier for malicious apps to find their way onto a device. It is also worth noting jailbreaking also voids the device warranty with Apple.

“These kinds of devices introduce additional risk and a higher probability of a breach to your organization,” Thota added.

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