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Microsoft Accessory Center App Arrives on Windows 10

The Microsoft Accessory Center app for Windows 10 is available from the Microsoft Store to help users manage Microsoft accessories.


now has a bunch of accessories whether Surface products, for , or for . For the last few months, the company has been creating an app that will allow users to manage their accessories in one place. The app – known as Microsoft Accessory Center – is now available for download.

Windows 10 users can get the Microsoft Accessory Center from the . There are currently three accessories supported by the app: The Microsoft Modern-Wireless Headset, the Microsoft Modern USB Headset, and the Microsoft Modern Webcam.

Each device has a different set of management features. Users can tap into the Microsoft Accessory Center to perform tasks such as rename their device, change settings, and manage connections. On the Windows Store listing, Microsoft describes the app as a one-stop-shop for its peripherals:

“Microsoft Accessory Center is a new all-in-one app to customize settings for your Microsoft accessories to get the most out of them.”

Below are the specific actions you can take for each accessory:

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset

  • Rename your headset
  • Change the voice prompt volume and
  • Limit the maximum headset volume
  • Manage the connection
  • Reset to factory settings
  • Update firmware
  • View device info

Microsoft Modern USB Headset

  • Change the prompt volume
  • Limit the maximum headset volume
  • View device info Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker
  • Change the prompt volume
  • View device info

Microsoft Modern Webcam

  • Customize video settings
  • Turn on the built-in microphone
  • View device info

It is possible Microsoft will add more accessories to the app in the future. If you own any Microsoft accessory, the Accessory Center is worth checking out. You can download the app for free from the Microsoft Store here.

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