Microsoft has this month been rolling out an interesting new feature for its Microsoft Office app on the Android platform. Specifically, a new voice recording tool that is currently available in preview.

As part of Microsoft Office Build 16.0.12026.20096, the voice recorder is available to Office Insiders and only for English (US).

Like the name suggests, the core of this tool is the ability to record voice. This is in itself an important feature that allows Android users to use their smartphone as a Dictaphone. Of course, importantly any recordings are directly integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite of apps.


Aside from the voice recording, the tool also boasts speech-to-text transcription in real time. That means users can also dictate directly into an Office document, such as on Word. Furthermore, the app will also sync text during playback.

Customers paying for the Microsoft 365 service can use their account to partition and transcribe voice on different speakers.

How it Works

  • In the Microsoft Office app on your Android device, tap the + button at the bottom of the Home tab.
  • Under Quick capture, tap Voice to launch the voice capture experience.
  • Start speaking to record and tap the Done button when finished.
  • To review your recording, select the voice card for playback with synced text highlighting. Your voice recordings are also available on your Home tab for easy access.”

It is worth noting the voice recorder is not the same as the Dictate feature within Office apps like Word. This is a dedicated feature whereas Dictate lets users speak content that is transcribed to a document.

Earlier this month, Microsoft updated Office Dictate to support more languages.

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