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5 Best Business Ideas You Can Start in 2021


2020 has drastically changed the world, influencing many industries, business sectors, and, eventually, our everyday life. While many of these consequences were, undoubtedly, negative, they have also revealed many new opportunities for people that want to become entrepreneurs.

As soon as many business aspects went remote and remained so in 2021 too, the demand for top-quality online solutions has never been as high as today. Obviously, the modern market can't supply these new products and services in full. Thus, it might be the perfect time for you to offer your out-of-this-world vision.

Also, switching to the web formed another huge advantage for fresh entrepreneurs — an extremely low entry threshold, which means you can start your company with rather small expenditures.

Taking into account that the Internet was, more or less, ready for recent novelties, you don't have to do extra paperwork and can find invitation templates and examples of corporate documentation simply by searching for them in your web browser.

Check out our shortlist of promising and potentially successful business ideas and be the one to make them come true.

Remote Education Platform

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In the past few years, the self-development trend became widespread all over the world, forcing people to seek information, tutorials, and guides on the Web. However, the number of reliable educational online platforms is still rather small. Therefore, there is plenty of space for new players to enter the competition and reap the benefits.

You can choose 2 paths for developing your educational business:

  • Become an independent freelance tutor
  • Make your own teaching online project

If you have reached proficiency within a certain field of specialization and want to share your knowledge with other people, the first option will be your perfect fit. Otherwise, in case you are a great manager capable of organizing a web-based school or university, pick the latter.

Lots of brick and mortar educational facilities today are striving for such solutions as millions of students around the globe are stuck in their homes.

iOS or Android Software Development Studio

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It is a well-known fact that mobile devices generate more Internet traffic than other devices, and this tendency remains strong for a couple of years now. According to the latest data, smartphones and tablets' share in the global Internet traffic is more than 57%.

Other researches state that people enjoy their portable devices more than 4 hours a day. Banks, fast food restaurants, and coffeehouse companies are all looking forward to offering convenient mobile applications to connect with their customers more frequently and deeper.

Whether you are a software engineer already or someone interested in establishing an IT brand, you shouldn't waste your time as the competition within the industry is growing intensively. Yet, is among low-cost and high-value business ideas you can start right now.

Website Creation and Design Services

You might suggest that web development is somewhat close to the previously mentioned business idea, but, in reality, designing and creating websites is a completely individual sector within the IT industry.

There is no way to see a company or startup that is not present online. Hence, while new brands are being launched, there will be demand for quality websites. You don't even need an office to organize the workflow of a web design studio as you can either outsource all the tasks or establish a chain of remotely contributing professionals.

Since the invention of the World Wide Web, the need for front-end and back-end developers has only been rising, and it has never been satisfied. It is a good chance for you to jump on this rushing train.

Outsource Customer Support Services

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Sometimes, help desks of companies are located within their corporate buildings, but more often, customer support services are provided remotely by outsourcing companies. There will always be the need for well-trained agents ready to assist clients as their absence can lead to huge losses for an enterprise. 

Thus, it is another promising direction for your company, which can attract business persons from various industries.

Food and Provision Delivery

Pizza delivery man - Pexels

2020 marked another significant boost for the food delivery industry due to the conditions that were established by self-isolation rules. However, the revenue within the market has been growing exponentially for the last 5 years non-stop.

The popularity of this trend can be easily explained as ordering food and other goods is very simple and time-saving compared to driving to the nearest hypermarket. By providing this option to people, you will both allow them to plan their schedule better and give them a broader selection of products.


Nowadays, you need only one thing to achieve massive success and recognition — a unique business idea. With a precise plan and some motivation, you can build a profitable company in any direction mentioned in this article. It is real, and it is within your reach.

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