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GitHub Now Supports Video Uploads Across the Platform

GitHub has announced users can now upload videos to anywhere on the platform, including the mobile version of the service.


, the code repository owned by , has announced an interesting feature. According to an announcement this week, users can now upload videos anywhere on the platform. This means users are able to upload MOV and MP4 videos to discussions, issues, posts, and other locations.

Clearly, this is a big step forward for GitHub because it will allow users to boost their content. Videos could be used to highlight features, discuss workarounds for bugs, and to give demonstrations of projects.

It is worth noting video support was first added to GitHub as a beta preview back in December. After months of testing, it is rolling out as a stable version to all users.

Discussing the video upload feature, Lauren Brose from GitHub said:

“We're excited to see the unique ways you use video in your workflows across GitHub. We hope you will start to bring video into your day-to-day through services you already use, like Loom and Vimeo Record to share project context, provide code review feedback, and share launch updates through free screen and webcam recording.”

Mobile Support

GitHub mobile users will be happy to learn they can also upload videos directly on the mobile application for iOS and . Of course, to do that the applications on those platforms need the relevant update from the App Store and Play Store.

Speaking of GitHub Mobile, last month the app received a new notification-centric update. Since launch, GitHub Mobile has been limited in how it lets users control their notifications. Specifically, it has been possible to toggle on/off notifications with a direct mention to the user.

The app now allows users to toggle notifications on/off for direct mentions, a pull request review, task assignments, and deployment approval.

Tip of the day:

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