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The Best Games Windows Users Can Expect in 2021


PC Gaming is poised for glorious days ahead. The 4K graphics presented by the new generation graphic cards are just mind-blowing. The high FPS on most big releases plus real-time ray tracing gives the games incredible graphics. Thus, 2021 is definitely the year we will see some breathtaking titles emerge. Here are some of the great games that you can start getting excited about. Mark your calendars or maybe even preorder the ones that tick all the boxes for you.

The Ascent

The Ascent game should hit the market sometime in 2021. While there is no specific release date, gamers have already gotten a chance to catch a glimpse into its premise. Thus, it is an action RPG game that you can play with your friends. It is set in a futuristic world controlled by a corporation known as The Ascent Group. The science-fiction stylistics are strong, and players will have to navigate in a cyberpunk city on the verge of collapsing. If you like Diablo, the chances are that you will enjoy this upcoming title, too.

Chivalry 2

Chivalry was noted as one of the premier multiplayer titles for PCs. We’ll know how good Chivalry 2 is when it’s launched on the Epic Games Store exclusively. Torn Banner Studios tells us that the sequel hopes to come up with a combat experience so deep that it’ll keep seasoned players hooked while being easy enough for newcomers to get the hang of.

The latest version has 64 players hacking their way through a medieval battlefield drenched in blood. Yes, it’s pretty brutal, but the slick graphics make it a must-have game you should pick this coming June.

Back 4 Blood

There have long been rumors of a third Left 4 Dead game being developed, but Valve hasn’t released any new co-op zombie series game over the last decade. We now have Turtle Rock Studios, the developers of the original Left 4 Dead, coming with Back 4 Blood, its successor.

The Back 4 Blood game pans out quite like Left 4 Dead. The game has its share of zombies, safe rooms, and loads of melee weapons. An AI director adds intrigue to the game by constantly changing things. The perk cards add uniqueness to each playthrough by adding interesting perks making the game very exciting. If Back 4 Blood manages to capture the original Left 4 Dead’s spirit, it surely won’t disappoint.


Hitman and Groundhog Day come together in Deathloop. In this game, you’re an assassin playing as a Colt and you find yourself trapped in an island shrouded in mystery. You’re to eliminate 8 targets before it’s midnight and failing to do so resets the day with you having to retry your luck. A rival assassin, Julianna Blake will be trying to stop you from breaking the time loop. The antagonist, Julianna, controlled by other players or the AI program throughout the game, will haunt you.

With unique first-person games like Prey and the Dishonored series, Arkane has a track record to envy. With its potent concept, Deathloop should turn out to be another money-spinner for its developer.


Intense battles are not really your style? In that case, you might find Humankind intriguing. It is a strategy game that will allow you to rewrite the history as we know it. If you loved the Civilization franchise, you are likely to enjoy this game. While the game takes the historical approach, it is also a turn-based strategy one. Thus, people expecting RTS (real-time strategy) might need to look for other titles. Other than that, Humankind is a gem that seasoned strategists will be excited to try.


You can already preorder some of these games. Visit Steam or any other game distribution platform to find the available options. Did you know that some stores adjust their game prices according to users’ locations? A VPN for gamers is the tool they can use to overcome the sometimes-unfair price discrimination. Thus, connect to several stores and see how the pricing changes. One you find the best option, you can purchase it and await for the title to hit the market.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021 if you’re a PC gaming enthusiast. There are major titles lined up with each one having a riveting plot and amazing graphics. You are all set to have a thrilling time with your friends as the game developers line up a range of mind-boggling titles. Brace yourself as the games take you through engrossing journeys that challenge your skills giving you a stunning experience.

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