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Xiaomi Developing Rotating Under-Screen Camera

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is working on an under-screen camera that will rotate to work as a selfie and rear camera lens.


The current smartphone market is dominated by screens, and more specifically what cool ways companies can create a unique display experience. Whether its folding screens, dual screens, or all-screen, you need to have a standout display.

As the push to all-screen continues, deciding what to do with the camera has been a challenge for companies. seems to have made a breakthrough.

Several solutions for placing the camera on an all-screen handset have been developed. Samsung and other companies use punch holes, some like Oppo and use mechanical modules that come from inside the smartphone, and Apple has the famous notch. Some have been developing under-screen cameras.

Xiaomi has been one of the leaders in this area and it's under-screen camera technology is currently on its third generation. As the company works towards the fourth iteration of the module, it is overcoming some current limitations.


LetsGoDigital reports Xiaomi's next under-screen camera technology will be a module that is able to rotate. According to a patent filed by the company, the rear camera module will feature a lens that can rotate to face the screen. That means the lens will act as part of a multi-lens rear camera, and also as the selfie camera.

As with all , it's not guaranteed that Xiaomi will introduce this technology. However, considering the company's willingness to include bleeding edge tech on its devices, we are hopeful. If this camera tech is introduced, it is likely to arrive on Xiaomi's next generation of flagship .

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